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Hands off! How to keep your valuables safe when travelling

beware of pick-pockets
Image by Steve Buissinne

It’s every traveller’s worst nightmare: reaching for their wallet and finding it’s not there. Or discovering that their expensive camera (and all their photographs) have been stolen. It’s enough to make your stomach drop and send you all the way back home again.

Keeping your valuables safe when you’re travelling abroad can seem like a mammoth task, but in fact, it’s much easier than you might think. Don’t let the idea of pickpockets and thieves put you off enjoying the most incredible experience of your life. Read on for how to keep your valuables safe when travelling.

Be wary of your camera

Cameras are an essential item on the road. How else are you going to capture all those breath-taking moments? Check out hello canvas to get all those incredible images printed when you return. But having your camera stolen would be devastating, so, consider the following advice to ensure you don’t have it taken from you!

  • Remove all branding from straps/bags
  • Keep your camera in a simple shoulder/crossbody bag
  • Try a wire camera strap (thieves will have a hard time cutting the strap!)
  • Be discreet and not flashy!

Be vigilant at ATMs

There are so many scams and tricks that thieves can pull on unsuspecting travellers, it would be too long to list here. So, as a rule, always be vigilant at ATMs, and if possible, only withdraw money from inside banks rather than in the street.

Carry a fake wallet

In some extreme cases, it’s not unheard of for travellers to be mugged or robbed. Whether you’ve been tricked into a side street or you’ve just been unlucky. Carrying around a fake wallet with a couple of notes in it is a wise idea. That way you can keep your real one and the mugger only gets away with a couple of dollars.

Invest in money belts and hidden pockets

Money belts don’t exactly scream chic; however, they are effective at keeping pickpockets at bay and your money safe. If you’re a dab-hand at sewing, then consider having some hidden pockets sewn into your clothing or invest in a scarf with a hidden pocket!

Bring a padlock with you

Padlocks are great on the road. You can use them to lock your bag and if you’re staying in a hostel, you can use it to keep your locker firmly secured (some hostels don’t provide locks on their lockers). You’ll be so glad you brought one along!


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