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How to Get Business Class Fares to Paris

Photo by: Burak AYDIN

Purchasing business class air trip tickets never comes cheap. Most one-way tickets sell at prices between $1,000 to $6,000 with factors such as airports, locations, and time of the year impacting the cost.

Air traveling is getting richer with innovations every day, making flights enjoyable and comfy. It’s nice how many airlines provide chances to upgrade tickets from lower class to business class or use return client perks and points. Still, if you need to save some money on tickets to Paris, be ready to take time and do some research.

To ease this task for you a little bit, we made a short guide on getting tickets at adequate fares and will share some tips to simplify flights.

6 Tricks for Travelers to Get Business-Class Fares to Paris

Image by Pierre Blaché

Use these tips to get the best offers if you’re in the middle of the fare search.

  1. Know when to book tickets.

The wise thing to do when you want the best tickets and know your route is to book ahead of the date. This will also let you buy at lower prices compared to last-minute purchasing. However, be ready to shift your trip for a few days, either before or after the deemed date – this saves money in many cases, as certain travel days may have up to 70% lower fares than average ticket fares.

Flights that have Paris as a destination often get discounted during school holidays. Moreover, in the background of the overall fall in business intensiveness, planes are rarely filled up; hence, it’s easier to get cheaper tickets.  

  1. Stay away from peak days for business travel.

As it’s already clear, timing in booking flights is everything. Just like rush hours in cities, when people commute to work and back, flights in business class to Paris have these times. As a rule, these are Monday mornings and Friday evenings. Since the demand forms the prices, planes tend to get quite full, with costs rising accordingly. 

When visiting Paris during Christmas or New Year’s Eve, prices can have two extremes: they are either ridiculously expensive or too cheap to resist (for instance, when people return tickets). Again, it would depend on the time of the day and the specific date.

  1. Use perks by familiar airlines.

If you’ve consistently used a specific company for business flights, why not use your status as a return customer and make the most of all their offers?

The first step in finding the offer you need is exploring the official website. Many people neglect this tip and prefer to seek it elsewhere, but oftentimes, it is on the surface. Special offers and loyalty programs for first and business class fliers are announced only on sites or when you use your account. You can even go from economy to business class or acquire free flights with the latter.

Another way to find great fares (if you travel with colleagues) is by negotiating corporate flight discounts directly with the company. This is great if you plan to use their services regularly. Discounts like this can come as codes, accumulating points, or simply ticket bundling.   

  1. Consider newly launched airlines.

On the one hand, the tried and true airlines can give you the comfort and service you need. Still, looking beyond what you’ve tried – in the direction of young and promising companies – can let you have the best quality at a more democratic cost.

The reason is that young air carriers tend to go the extra mile to impress customers: cheaper than average prices, exclusive onboard perks, tickets with the chance to upgrade from the economy, etc. In other words, you can get a glorious experience for affordable money. However, this isn’t a trick for the lazy. So make sure to check out the airline’s rules beforehand.

  1. Unlock more with a credit card.

Some credit card providers let you gather credit points to book flights, even with an opportunity to get a refund if the company calls off the flight. However, keep in mind that cash and debit card payments don’t offer a payback.

While in most cases, it is premium credit cards that give airline discounts (e.g., American Express), it’s not the rule. Many other cards of the lower status allow you to enjoy extra convenience on conditions that your credit behavior is good or excellent.

  1. Search incognito.

Search engines often can fool us, reflecting the offers that, as they think, we can afford well. Airlines are one of many service-giving companies that use this data. To trick them both, try to look for airplane trips with a few quirks:

  • Clear your cookies & browser history
  • Changing IP (with the help of VPN software)
  • Turning off location tracking

These six simple tips are more than enough for booking the most comfortable flights at the best prices. But be prepared to do your homework and take time to search for good deals.


If you are planning a visit to Paris, there is no need to sacrifice comfort and leisure on the way to the city of dreams. This time you can find acceptable offers and get comfort for adequate money by only employing a few proven tips. Remember about the timing, use your flying and credit history, and be a smart consumer who compares rates before rushing to book a business class ticket.