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How will social media impact the way we travel in 2019?

Does social media impact where and how you travel? From looking to favourite social media influencers for genuine travel inspiration, to considering making a career out of travel itself and sometimes falling into the pressures of having a compelling online presence, it seems that travel and social media work hand in hand. Booking.com surveyed 21,500 travellers across 29 countries to find out just how social media will continue to change the way we travel in 2019.

Past time or full-time

For most, the odd check-in, beach selfie or family snap upload is enough of a social media fix, but for many who dream of travelling the world as a social media influencer, it’s not.  17% see travel as a potential opportunity to earn a living as an influencer or travel blogger, as opposed to having a traditional, full-time job.

Social Stimulus

In today’s world, travelling with social media at our fingertips is visibly very different to the days before it was so accessible. People no longer rely on guidebooks and oversized paper maps to navigate a new location. Instead they have instant access to real-time information and look for inspiration from real people via social media. Many go so far as to recreate a pose from one of their favourite celebs or Instagrammers.

#Unattainable Instagram

The year of 2019 will see an increased focus on travel influencing that is genuine and honest. The most popular social media travel channels will be those creating practical, useable content more so than inaccessible or fake imagery. While travellers want to view content that they feel is real, there are some who fall to the pressures of social media. Many are guilty for having used an older, more flattering photo of themselves on holiday from a previous trip, for the trip they were on, while others will snap a photo of an accommodation pretending they were staying there when in fact they were staying elsewhere.

Booking.com’s study also found that over one quarter of travellers say that they prefer unique and quirky accommodation (26%) over more traditional places. Two fifths value being unique in their travels, looking to visit a destination that none of their friends have been to (43%).

And though all good things must come to an end, some travellers pretend to still be on vacation when in fact, they’re home sweet home. Maybe sometimes living vicariously through our own social media pages beats living in reality?


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