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If You’re In Nashville, Here’s The List Of Places To See

Traveling is a hobby for many. Others have made careers out of it through things like tour guiding. The tourist attraction sites in the US are uncountable. Let your preferences guide your decision on where to visit. While in Tennessee, Nashville is a perfect point to stop. This capital offers a wide range of places to give you memorable times.

The sites cut from historical buildings to music-themed joints. The traditional music history of America is archived in Nashville through different places. Choosing the site to aim for, needs to be guided by a proper understanding of the options available. Here are some pointers on where to target.

  1. The Adventure Science Center

It holds 175 exhibits and its main focus is not on profits. It ranks high in the list of independent science and tech centers. There are lots of hands-on display works in there. This is mainly aimed at children giving them a special taste of science. The main disciplines it focuses on are biology, astronomy, weather, space, and earth science.

Therefore, learners stand a chance of increasing their content in such areas of science. Such knowledge is essential for the relevant projects they handle in school.

  1. The Grand Ole Opry

With the rich country music origin tracing back to Nashville, you will find several music-themed sites. The Famous show known as the Grand Ole Opry gives a unique taste of traditional American music.

There are online sites that sell tickets for the event. Platforms such as https://www.vacationsmadeeasy.com/NashvilleTN/activity/GrandOleOpryTicket.cfm provide details on the different schedules for the performances. Also, it explains the different times to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The concert hosts different stars in this genre of music. You have a chance of meeting with your favorite country music musician. The order of the performers is at times hidden. This makes the show even more exciting as you hardly know when your star will arrive on the stage.

  1. Tennessee State Museum

Established in 1823, the museum has expanded gradually. The collections are mainly of the state and mementos related to the First World War. The different objects are well-positioned in displays together with old paintings from history.

The museum also offers you the chance to purchase some handcrafted products. The jewelry from this place is as unique as the sourcing is diverse. The experience is one of a kind as you feel part of history from the crafts

  1. Tennessee State Capital

Going down history, you will realize that the current State Capital was originally the initial Holy Rosary Cathedral. The modeling of the building was on a Greek ionic temple. This building acts as the office of the governor. The Tennessee legislature is also located here.

Your visit to the Capital allows identifying several monuments with a deep history of the presidency. There are statues of former presidents Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson. The tomb of former president James K Polk is also there.

One cannot finish mentioning the list of major cities to visit without mentioning Nashville, TN. The options of places you can visit are long. The music-themed points and beautiful scenery at night are just the tips of the iceberg. Making pre-trip plans for the whole recreational tour is imperative.


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