The feeling of the wind in your hair, the smell of sea salt in the air, and the sounds of nature around you can make you feel alive and free. It’s hard to imagine a more thrilling experience than exploring new trails on horseback. If you are thinking about learning horseriding or riding free, away from civilization, California is the place for you.

You can find there some fantastic stables, clubs, or trails suitable for you and your horse. Whether you want to learn a new skill or connect to the surrounding nature, you can choose from various places spread all around the state. California is where you’ll also encounter some of the most beautiful ranches that are fitted to the number of needs you may have.

1.   Fairbanks Ranch

Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse is situated 20 miles north of San Diego. It is located in a private neighborhood of estate homes. With amazing parks, lakes, golf courses, and rolling hills, Fairbanks Ranch looks more like a resort from your dreams than a place you can live in. Ranch Clubhouse offers its services both to residents and non-residents. The club is known for hosting a lot of horseriding events. The biggest ones yet were a part of the 1984 Summer Olympics’ competitions held in neighboring Los Angeles.

Fairbanks Ranch is a great place to teach your children everything about these extraordinary animals and how to take care of them. The club offers riding camps for people of all ages. With its three big arenas, you will never complain about the lack of space for practicing.

If you are a proud owner of a horse and are looking for the best stables you can leave your horse in, Fairbanks Ranch offer is something you should take a look at. Your horses can enjoy the pleasures of six turnouts and spacious modern stalls. You will never have to worry about your animal’s well-being!

2.   National Park Trails

There are many National Parks you can go to in California, and some of them offer roads that are open to horses. If you want to feel like a real cowboy, try riding in Yosemite National Park. It is especially friendly to horses and other pack animals. As a rule, all the trails that are not visibly marked are open to horseback riders. You can buy yourself a guided trip in the warmer months, and three campsites are available for equestrian camping.

If you are looking for a more meadowy setting, you can take Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. Many trails are open for the pack animals, including llamas, mules, ponies, and donkeys. Unlike in Yosemite Park, many off-road areas are permitted for usage. The Park even published a handy guide you can use to help you plan your trip, including places you can camp and let your animal graze. Remember that you have to obtain a permit before staying overnight.

3.   California Beaches

Californian shore is known for its beauty, so it makes sense that you would like to feel the sand under the hooves. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the wilder beaches that are welcoming to horses, or you can go to an equestrian center.

Like Ten Mile Beach or Morro Strand State Beach, some beaches allow you to enjoy their charm on the back of your own horse. Beach riders can enjoy lovely dune grasses, and on Ten Mile Beach, from December to April, you can spot some whales if you are lucky, as the area is on the Pacific gray whale migration route.

4.   Alisal Guest Ranch

Alisal Guest Ranch is situated in the heart of Santa Barbara’s hills of Santa Inez Valleys. Surrounded by wineries and vineyards, the Ranch is the ultimate destination for your luxurious horseback trip. You will have no choice but to stop staring at the screen of your phone and enjoy amenities like pools, golf courses, tennis courts, and many more. Besides, you can explore over 50 miles of riding trails that are prepared carefully for all horse-lovers. Whether you want to spend a romantic weekend or a corporate retreat, this is the place for you!

5.   Huntington Central Park Equestrian Centre

If you are on the way to Disneyland with your kids or near the Orange County beach cities, you can take a break in Huntington Central Park. It’s a 25-acre facility that offers boarding for 400 horses and operates as a full-time riding school. It has courses for beginners but also for those with more advanced horse-riding skills. You can also rent the facility for weddings and private parties.

The Bottom Line

California is an amazing place to have fun with your horse. It doesn’t matter if you want to start your adventure or are a professional – it can offer everyone some great experiences. Riding through wild trails can be a great way to feel closer to nature and explore a different side of yourself.

Who knows, maybe you will discover your inner adventurer? You never know what will happen. The only thing you can be sure of, that no matter why you want to practice horseriding, it will bring you numerous benefits like a better silhouette or stress relief. So go and get on the horse, you won’t regret it!


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