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Indigenous Experiences Set the Stage for Goal-Oriented Travel in 2024

For many, travel is synonymous with activities like chilling by a beach or adventurous excursions that offer an escape from daily life. This year, a new travel trend has emerged called goal-oriented travel, where travelers have a purpose that goes beyond their typical travel experiences. Goal-oriented travel focuses on setting objectives, pursuing passions, and achieving personal growth, all while taking in a new location and culture.

Indigenous businesses in British Columbia provide unique experiences for those looking to foster new cooking or fishing skills, learn more about the land they are visiting, or expand their knowledge of Indigenous cultural practices, art, and more.

St. Eugene Resort Hotel – Cranbrook, BC

The St. Eugene Resort Hotel in the territory of the Ktunaxa Nation offers in-depth experiences that encompass learning about the history, rich mythology and culture of the area’s Indigenous people. The Mission building, which was once a former residential school, offers guests the opportunity to explore historical artifacts, contemporary art, archival photographs and displays containing examples of traditional stone, bead, hide, wood and cloth work or learn about the everyday life of the Ktunaxa, and discover their renowned horsemanship and canoe-making. 

For those looking to combine a trip fuelled by a desire for culture and history, while improving their golf skillset, St. Eugene’s picturesque golf course is an 18-hole course with no shortage of mountain views and wildlife. Guests can also learn about the Ktunaxa history and culture, as each hole has a Ktunaxa name, meaning and translation.

Cariboo Chilcotin Jetboat Adventures – Riske Creek, BC

Located in Williams Lake, Cariboo Chilcotin Jetboat Adventures offers the perfect way to learn centuries-old fishing skills from Indigenous cultures while dining on world-renowned salmon. The unique approach to fishing uses a traditional dip net and travels upstream through exhilarating rapids, making stops along the way to showcase the 8,000-year-old petroglyphs and abundant wildlife. One of the best parts? Having the opportunity to eat the ultra-fresh fish right out of the river!

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre – Whistler, BC

One of the most rewarding parts of goal-oriented travel is meeting, learning and gaining a greater understanding of a culture, facilitating a more profound sense of personal growth. The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (SLCC) has a mission to share two distinct cultures to foster a greater understanding of Indigenous Peoples around the world. Visitors can immerse themselves in incredible art and music workshops where they can learn how to build traditional drums, cedar paddle rattles and other authentic Indigenous artwork.   

Salmon n’ Bannock – Vancouver, BC

Sometimes, the best way to learn and experience a new culture is through the palette! Located in downtown Vancouver, Salmon n’ Bannock is Vancouver’s only Indigenous restaurant. Specializing in wild fish, free-range meat, and of course bannock, the restaurant uses traditional ingredients to prepare their dishes with a modern twist. 

With menu offerings like Bison Pot Roast, Bannock Taco, and Smoked Sablefish, this restaurant is a must visit for travellers looking to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Indigenous flavours and dishes.