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New Beachfront Restaurant Celeste Opens at Las Catalinas in Costa Rica

Referred to as one of the most important and beautiful new towns in the world by renowned Notre Dame School of Architecture Professor Douglas Duany, Las Catalinas debuts the opening of the town’s newest restaurant, Celeste.  Located in the pristine and exotic Guanacaste peninsula with its unparalleled wildlife and geographic wonders, Las Catalinas is a compact, walk-able beach town – an inclusive community without gates using design and architecture to maximize human to human contact and encourage community engagement.

Celebrating with a grand opening recently in mid-November, Celeste is a tropically elegant oasis inspired by a palette of people and places. Stylish nooks and inviting spaces are seamlessly intertwined with gracious hospitality to make this the ideal urban seaside destination dining spot.  For those seeking an experience that transcends the ordinary, Celeste is a sanctuary where the beauty of nature, the skill of the chef, and the warmth of community converge, creating a tapestry of flavors and moments that linger long after the sun has set. 

Nestled along the shoreline, Celeste is located at the former site of Limonada, Las Catalinas’ first restaurant.  The restaurant has been redesigned and conceptualized as the go-to destination for those seeking a perfect blend of culinary excellence and beachfront tranquility. The ambiance is an artful fusion of coastal charm and modern sophistication, where the rhythmic sound of waves meets the clinking of glasses in celebration.

From the very beginning, Atlanta-based design team Ginny Brewer and Rachel Eisaman wanted to create a fresh welcoming space with cool clean colors and a contemporary design.  The menu inspirations developed from their individual travels and collective desire to offer a curated dining experience.  During this initial phase, the color palette and the name evolved organically as “Celeste” means sky blue in Spanish. It represents that perfect beach day when the sky is clear and warm, the view of the ocean and the sound of the waves allow you to toss your cares aside and soak in the beauty of the day.  Inspired by European coastal towns and inviting restaurants around the world, Ginny and Rachel carefully selected the furniture and fixtures to reflect the ease of beachfront dining with chairs that match the color of the sand and light fixtures that are reminiscent of the swaying palm trees.  Mixed with white tables and dark blue cushions, the furnishings harmonize natural elements with modern touches to provide an inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy.

As the sun begins to set over the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the sands, patrons at Celeste are treated to a visual symphony that complements the culinary delights on their plates and the cocktails in their hands. The restaurant’s outdoor seating provides a delightful view of the sun dipping below the water, creating a canvas of colors. At the heart of Celeste’s allure is its commitment to maintaining the soul of this location, the very spot where many of the town’s homeowners made their decision to purchase their piece of the Las Catalinas dream.

“What sets Celeste apart is not just its menu or its stunning views but the sense of community it fosters. Homeowners gather here to celebrate milestones, guests and visitors discover a taste of the town’s soul, and everyone leaves with memories etched against the backdrop of our spectacular sunsets,” said Ginny Brewer.  Since its inception, the pedestrian friendly town has put the community at the forefront by taking cars out of the equation – meaning less time in traffic and more time on foot (or bike) engaging with friends, family, and co-workers.  The convenience of having more quality time to spend interacting with people and with nature is what Las Catalinas is all about.

With indoor and outdoor seating, Celeste offers a versatile menu with a variety of fresh ingredients with thoughtful preparations executed by the best hands.  The menu features unique Costa Rican dishes with ingredients found in the ocean, mountains and farms and offers gluten-free and vegetarian items. Highlighting the freshest, seasonal ingredients, some menu specialties include fish ceviche, fresh catch of the day, Angus hamburger and tenderloin, local prawns and more.

The craft cocktails at Celeste are a testament to the mixologist’s artistry, with each sip telling a story of innovation and coastal inspiration. Whether it is a signature mojito infused with local fruits or a smoothie with a beachside twist, every drink is a journey through the flavors of the town and its surroundings.  Try Celeste’s signature cocktail, the Ginny Rita, a skinny margarita infused with tequila and jalapeno and touch of ginger.  Or enjoy a not-so-traditional mojito with hints of thyme, blackberry, and basil.

Patrons can enjoy the Canopy Lounge on the second level where howler monkeys are spotted jumping from tree to tree. Surrounded by a canopy of trees and singing birds, the Canopy Lounge is adorned with contrasting shades of deep blue that are complemented by silver, and lighter tones representing the moon, stars, and clouds.  The lounge’s celestial atmosphere includes a banquet area framing the space, providing multiple seating options allowing guests to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Celeste joins a growing list of food and beverage offerings located in Las Catalinas. Other restaurants include Ponciana, Ponciana Bar, Pots & Bowls, The Deli at Copper and Stone Gourmet Market, Papagayo Brewhouse, La Taqueria at Beach Club, Cuatro Calle La Ronda, Pascual, Coquelicot, Tamaki and La Pampa Grill.