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Instajet redefines Private Air Travel

woman getting on a private jet

Instajet, the new global private aviation community, is launching a direct, transparent business model for private aviation, benefiting the entire industry. Its free to download and use app gives passengers, whether business or leisure, the ability to search, select and reserve private flights to and from anywhere in the world, with instant, guaranteed price reservations. The Instajet operations team then offers operators a confirmed fixed price route, with no need for them to quote: they simply need to indicate their availability. Instajet connects passengers with the best flight option for their personal requirements, choosing the operator that prioritises the passenger through offering the newest aircraft or complimentary category upgrades. Established by an experienced team of aviation professionals, Instajet is uniting the private aviation community by providing an app that is easy to use, refer and share with its embedded QR code referral capability.

With no membership fees, no long-term commitments, and no negotiating with intermediaries, Instajet makes private aviation immediately understandable and accessible to both new and long-established private fliers. With its per-flight business model and escrow-based unlimited financial protection for every flight, Instajet reassures business executives, high-net-worth individuals and their support teams that they are making safe and secure risk-free, flexible, flight reservations. All operators are required to meet stringent safety and operational standards to provide complete peace of mind for passengers.

Nick Davis, Founder and Chief Executive of Instajet explains: “The industry has long been asking for a clearer, more accessible approach to private air travel, and with more people now choosing to fly privately, the time is perfect for Instajet to demystify the market. Operators want clarity and certainty of supply, in a practical, easy to manage, way, and we provide that through our fixed price, no quote, process. Passengers want choice and control without being overwhelmed, and we provide that through our easy-to-use app that provides a shortlist of appropriate aircraft options for their required route, with guaranteed fixed price reservations. Our highly qualified operations team personally connects passengers and operators: we are not trying to automate this process or use technology for technology’s sake. With our transparent business model, everyone benefits.”