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Introducing Lucia Cannes a New Brand Launch from Nikki Beach Global Team

Nikki Beach Global, the international luxury lifestyle and hospitality group renowned for resorts and beach clubs around the world, announced today the upcoming launch of a new brand concept, Lucia, set to debut in Cannes, France in March 2024. After a quarter-century of successful operations, Nikki Beach Global is embarking on an exciting expansion journey, promising an entirely new experience in terms of design, ambiance, and food & beverage offerings. The fresh concept will also extend the brand’s reach beyond the boundaries of summer and coastal destinations to potential metropolitan or even winter locations.

Derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning light, the name “Lucia” has been embraced by diverse cultures and languages worldwide, and aligns perfectly with the luminous essence of the brand. To further embody this spirit, Lucia’s design will embrace maximalism, lively colors, intricate patterns, and elements inspired by the sun.

The relaxed, sophisticated restaurant will introduce a premium dining experience focused on Cuisine du Soleil, featuring Mediterranean ingredients kissed by the sun. The menu at Lucia will be crafted by Nikki Beach Global’s Corporate Executive Chef, Alessandro Pizza, and will embrace the changing seasons, with new dishes, as well as decor, introduced throughout the year. Inspired by different phases of sunlight, the restaurant will offer an evolving experience throughout the day and night, providing diverse atmospheres for guests to enjoy. 

“Our mission with this new project is to create a dining experience that provides a haven of light, positivity, and culinary excellence similar to what we’ve done with Nikki Beach, but with a completely new look and feel that we can also bring to metropolitan or winter destinations,” shared Lucia Penrod, CEO of Nikki Beach Global. “We hope to cultivate an inviting atmosphere for families and friends to gather, celebrate, and create lasting memories. At the heart of this new concept is a profound commitment to fostering positivity which has defined our global brand for over 25 years.”

To bring the visual identity of “Lucia” to life, the brand has partnered with talented artist, Chiara Perano, renowned for her captivating artwork which celebrates the simple joys of everyday life, family, and our connection to the planet. Chiara is often inspired by her Italian heritage and La Dolce Vita lifestyle, and her artistic approach aligns seamlessly with the essence of Lucia. Her creative input in designing the brand logo and other visual assets promises to infuse the restaurant with a unique and enchanting visual identity. 

Cannes, known for its timeless charm and the iconic Croisette, was chosen for the inaugural location of Lucia because of its strong connection to the Nikki Beach Global brand, which hosted numerous pop-ups during the Cannes Film Festival over the years. Located between the brand’s famous Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo beach clubs, Cannes serves as the perfect intermediate point for this new venture. 

Reservations for private events at Lucia are now open for advance bookings. Standard reservations will open closer to the launch. For more information, please visit www.luciacannes.com.