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Italy is the most popular Christmas holiday destination for Americans

Italy comes in first place with almost 93,000 average searches between September and December for travel-related keywords.

Florence, Tuscany, Itay during Christmas season at the Duomo.

A new study by photo wall art creator StoryBoards revealed that Italy is the most popular destination for a Christmas trip for Americans. 

The study analyzed travel-related keywords such as “flights”, “restaurants”, “ski facilities”, and more next to 43 popular vacation destinations to discover where Americans are interested in spending their holidays the most. 

Italy takes the crown with almost 93,000 average searches from September to December 2023. One of the most popular destinations for Americans all year long, Italy can be especially magical during the winter months and Christmas, with markets scattered around the country, as well as offering great skiing facilities and high-altitude luxury, as the Italian Alps are a must-visit once in a lifetime.  

In second place comes Japan with 33,275.49 average searches. The island during the holiday season can be extremely cold, as average temperatures in December can vary from 37°F to 54°F, and the blend of ancient traditions and modern festivities, coupled with serene winter landscapes and vibrant city lights, provides a unique and captivating holiday atmosphere. 

Thailand is third with almost 23,000 average searches, which may be driven by the desire to spend a different Christmas, perhaps on the beach, given the average temperatures in the country during December of 88 °F. Thailand’s tropical allure and warm hospitality offer a non-traditional Christmas escape with beautiful beaches, cultural richness, and a festive ambience, making it an unexpectedly popular choice for Americans seeking a different holiday experience. 

Further down on the list, Greece ranks fourth with 12,293.11 average searches from September to December, while Aruba closes the top five with 11,096.67 average searches. 

            Top 10 most popular Christmas destinations for Americans 
          State         Average Search Volume         Rank 
          Italy         92,969         1 
          Japan         33,275         2 
          Thailand         22,933         3 
          Greece         12,293         4 
          Aruba         11,097         5 
          Hawaii         8,868         6 
          Germany         8,094         7 
          Jamaica         7,320         8 
          Cuba         6,885         9 
          Mexico         6,536         10 

Gavin Glick, spokesperson for StoryBoards commented on the findings: “Is there anything better than taking a break during the winter holidays to spend some time for yourself or with your family? Probably not, and Americans know it well, as during the last few months many have looked online for information regarding travels abroad to spend the most magical time of the year away from home. As the data indicates, Italy, Japan, and Thailand seem to be the most popular destinations for the distinct and diverse holiday experiences these countries offer which may differ greatly from what one’s used to at home, but which makes the experience even more worth to be lived.”