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Jet Ski Vs Waverunner: Which One is Right for You?

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You might wonder what is the difference between a Jetski and a Waverunner. These two are very similar when it comes to watercraft usage, but have different specifications. Both Jet ski and Waverunner fall under the personal watercraft segment and are manufactured by two different companies. They have two different riding styles. One is meant for adventure riding, while the other defines comfort and luxury. 

There are a few factors that differentiate them. You have to judge which one suits your requirements and usage style. We have mentioned all the key points and advantages that set them apart and make them tough competitors. Check out some of the best jet ski rental in dubai at Readytrip.com.

If you are finding it hard to judge the difference between them, then this article will help you get your facts cleared. This is the article on Jet Ski Vs Waverunner: Which One is Right for You?

  1. Riding Style

The riding style for both personal watercrafts is different. Jet Skis are used more for adventure riding and thrill. Most people ride a jet ski to perform skills and stunts. The requirement for taking steep turns and twists needs the rider to be in a standing position. Hence Jet skis often require the riders to stand while riding. 

However, there are models available with comfortable seats, but the major usage time is spent standing. The case is exactly the opposite with the Waverunner. This ride allows you to sit down on a cozy seat. The main idea is to make the ride comfortable and smooth. So, if you wish to enjoy the water seating and make the ride memorable, then the Waverunner is a better option for you.

  1. Usage Satisfaction

The jet ski is adventurous and is the best ride for the ones who know how to ride them. If you are a speed lover and want to ride alone, then you should go on a jet ski. However, Waverunner has an equal amount of fun and thrill. It can reach high speeds and have the best user comfort. If you have back problems and injuries, then Waverunner will be a better option for you. It is smooth and will keep you safe from major wave jerks. 

  1. User Convenience

Looking at the convenience of both the watercrafts, Waverunner is more convenient because of its capacity. If you fall in the sea water while riding, it is easier to climb a Waverunner. They allow more user space and comfort. At the same time transporting a Waverunner to a beach location can become a major issue. They are slightly bigger in size and heavier when compared to a Jet ski. Jet Skis can simply be unloaded and loaded in the seawater. They are less heavy and easy to carry. Hence both of them have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of user convenience.

  1. Excess Features

The best part about a Waverunner is that it can accommodate more than one person at a single time. Some big-size models can accommodate up to three people. Hence, they are a better option if you are traveling as a couple or are a family of three. A Jet ski can carry only one person at a time. Also, the fuel capacity is different for both the watercrafts. Jet skis have smaller tanks and can travel to a limited kilometer radius. Waverunners can be used for long distance travel and have better distance covering capacity. They also have extra useful features to make your riding experience better. If safety is one of your concerns, then Waverunners have better records than Jet skis because of their bulky nature. If you want a lighter option then you should rent a Jet Ski as they are super light and faster in terms of speed. 


If you are planning to rent one of the two then you can consider these options. We hope this article helped you understand their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you judge them better and choose one as per your riding requirements. If you liked this article then save it for future reference. Make sure you gather more information about these personal watercrafts before you rent one for yourself.