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Inside Oil Nut Bay, a Luxury Eco-Resort & Wellness Haven in the BVI

The remote resort is spread across 400 exquisite acres on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, with half of its acreage remaining designated green space. Created by developer David V. Johnson with a passion for sustainability, the resort offers guests immersive nature activities that teach them about the local wildlife, how to harmonize with nature for a balanced wellness journey, and how to live as environmental stewards.

Guests can avail themselves of a host of custom-designed private suites and villas sprinkled into the island’s topography. The design honors and takes inspiration from the natural surroundings, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. The resort’s eco-minded rentals offer incredible views and perks ranging from private pools, outdoor kitchens and electric golf carts. Relax and enjoy the reimagined Beach Club with an updated restaurant space, a new menu concept, and a new private dining area. Additional amenities include three-tiered pool with swim-up bar; wellness center with gym, tennis and pickleball courts; equipment for watersports ranging from wing foiling to diving; onsite barn for rescued animals; Nova overwater restaurant and bar; 101-slip marina; Nut House Kids Club; world-class dining options; and hiking trails with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea. 

Wellness Retreat Highlights: 

A new overwater wellness center will debut next year and will feature a reception area, two massage rooms and glass floors to view the marine life below. Floor-to-ceiling glass folding doors open the space to the elements with an outdoor yoga deck. In addition, Oil Nut Bay recently added more personalized wellness experiences for guests, such as:

  • Walking Meditation – Guests can partake in a guided meditation walk throughout the trails and beaches while cultivating harmony between mind, body and spirit.
  • Full Moon Ceremony – A powerful time to set new intentions, this experience includes the combination of a Sage and Palo Santo energy cleansing alongside a moon-gazing meditation, journaling exercises, and breathwork to facilitate the clearing out of negative energy and the calling in of the good.
  • Reiki / Energy Healing – This experience guides the body’s subtle energy systems back into a healthy flow to assist in removing blocks, relieving tension, stress, and anxiety, and promoting the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Oil Nut Bay’s therapist will expertly blend a combination of intuitive massage, Reiki, sound healing, and aura cleansing with Sage and Palo Santo to facilitate a truly unique and expansive experience.

Eco-Tourism Highlights:

  • Turtle Tagging Boating Adventure – Guests can swim alongside the beautiful animals and partake in free diving to safely catch the turtles alongside an on-board researcher. The turtles are measured, tagged and released, and guests can follow the animals’ adventures from home.
  • Animal Rescue Barn – Guests can enjoy equine and feathered friend therapy as they visit and bond with horses, emus, tortoises, flamingos and more. 
  • NEW Interactive Nature Center - This new center educates guests about the British Virgin Islands wildlife, topography and ocean conservation.
  • NEWRanger Program – Children where they can conquer different activities such as identifying palm trees, stargazing and naming constellations, taking a sailing 101 lesson, embarking on an adventure around The Baths, scuba diving, and more.