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Luxury Travel Trends for 2024

Luxury travel has surged in popularity over recent years, even amongst regular folks. 2024 has some exciting and unique luxury travel trends to look forward to, and here are a few of the best.

Film & TV Locations

Whether hiking the mountains of New Zealand like the Fellowship did or visiting Kho Phi Phi Leh beach — the one seen in The Beach — travellers want to experience the locations their favourite films or TV shows used. Many are also looking to take it further and turn it into a multi-day or multi-week tour, taking in all these extraordinary sites during one holiday.

Special Events

A holiday is all about the experience; luxury travellers frequently add to this by visiting destinations for specific events. Whether it be a Formula 1 weekend in Las Vegas or the recent Rugby World Cup in France, holiday-makers want to add a once-in-a-lifetime event to their itinerary.

Going Private

More and more people realise that travelling by private jet or yacht is more affordable than they first thought. Thanks to concepts like empty legs and fee-sharing, more travellers want to add this touch of luxury to their holiday. Whether booking a private jet charter or being the captain of a private yacht on the Riviera, going private is one of the most popular ways to get around in the coming months.

Heath & Wellness

Health and wellness holidays have always been a trend, but 2024 is set to see them become even more popular amongst travellers. Many want to improve their physical and mental health in a tranquil, calming place away from their everyday lives. These holidays can range from a weekend in the mountains to a 10-day break in an all-inclusive resort; either way, you will feel like a brand-new person.

Remote Working

Another luxury travel trend that is gaining momentum is holidaymakers combining business with pleasure. Instead of travelling for a week or two for a holiday, many choose to take their work with them and stay abroad for an extended period. Remote working holidays have always been popular, but now, more people choose luxury apartments or villas instead of backpackers in Thailand. Remote working is more popular than ever, meaning travellers can extend their vacations indefinitely.

Food & Wine

Food and wine tours have always been simply part of an itinerary as opposed to the entire goal of the holiday. That has begun to change, with more people wanting to eat and drink all the best a country or region offers.

There is no better way to enjoy a glass of wine than by drinking it on the farm it was made on or eating freshly caught lobster or oysters 20 feet from the water. Travellers are also looking to dine at all the Michelin-starred restaurants they have only read about and leave with unforgettable, unparalleled memories. 


Self-exploration and solo holidays are also on the rise. People are looking to discover more about themselves and get to the root of who they are. You may think Eat, Pray, Love was just a book, but many more people are making it a reality. Furthermore, travelling solo comes with a range of perks, including staying in luxury hotels and eating at the best restaurants, which becomes far more budget-friendly when you only have to pay for yourself. Plus, if a completely solo trip isn’t for you, many tours offer solo travellers the chance to join a group of other solo adventurers. This means you are never too far away from making a few new friends.

Expedition Cruises

A unique trend gaining popularity amongst luxury travellers is expedition cruises. While on the surface, these types of cruises don’t scream “luxury,” the experience you get from them is something many will never get to enjoy. Once onboard, you will see that the gourmet dining and spectacular rooms are more than lavish enough.

Instead of travelling along the coast of Scandinavia exploring the Mediterranean, these cruises will take you to far-flung destinations like Antarctica or deep into the Amazon. This is one of the most incredible ways to see the world and one of the few ways to get to these less-explored places.

Personally-Tailored Luxury Travel Awaits

2024 is the year when luxury travellers don’t just settle for the usual and, instead, see and do more on their holidays than ever before. Whether it is wine in France or coming up close and personal with a polar bear or anaconda, these daring new trends will shape travel next year and possibly change it forever.


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