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MOSCOT presents its Trendy Tinted Sunglasses for 2022

A throwback from the 70’s, tinted colored sunglasses have been seen everywhere from popstars wanting to add color to their personas or influencers wanting to see through rose-colored glasses. Tinted sunglasses have come back with the reemergence of styles from the 70’s and the 2000’s. In either warm or cool tones, in bold or classic frames, tinted sunglasses are sure to freshen up your style!

With these pieces from MOSCOT, elevate your look for 2022!

Shindig Sun – Lenses in Pink

These rectangular retro style specs feature a robust guest list of colorways and signature Custom Made Tints that keep the party going from day to night. Groovy, baby! 

Fritz Sun – Lenses in Blue

Designed with an air of strength to make a bold statement, FRITZ is the frame, no matter how you look at it.

Groyse Sun – Lenses in Brown 

We named this frame the GROYSE because it’s big. Big on style, big on character, and just plain big. Big, big, big. With its soft round shape, raw gold color, retro, flat beveled edges, and a bridge that sits high. The GROYSE is 1970s all the way. Can you dig?