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Must Have Skincare Products to Travel With

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In any vacation trip, skipping skincare would be the ultimate crime. It’s easy to get caught up in the schedules and itineraries you might have for the day—thinking about what kind of moisturizer to bring may not exactly be at the top of your list. And then, of course, there’s the whole concept of light packing. You can only bring so much inside a luggage. It’s hard to tell what can be allowed at the airport, and who wants to carry around a heavy suitcase anyway? There isn’t much of a choice but to bring only what you need, and nothing more. But how do you know which skin care products are the bare travel essentials which ones are add-ons? Here are a few of the basics.

  1. Cleanser

Cleansers are a must in order to remove the dust and grime of travel. You could be walking every day in the midst of a bustling city with car fumes, or in the middle of the windy, sandy shores of a beach. Wherever you may find yourself, your skin will very likely be exposed to a variety of different sorts of dirt that has to be washed off at the end of a long day. There are also cleansers that come with more benefits other than simply washing off any dirt. Some have anti-acne or oil cleansing properties which you can use to your advantage based on the type of skin you have. 

  1. Sunscreen 

Yes, sunscreen is essential, no matter the weather. Even if you happen to be traveling to an area that appears to be full of snow, the sun’s UV rays can still reach your skin. After all, the change in weather doesn’t mean the sun gets completely blocked out. Putting on sunscreen is a great way to protect yourself especially in climates that your skin is not used to. You need a way to prevent any premature wrinkles or skin diseases to keep your skin looking healthy as well as actually being in a prime state of health. Wondering what SPF is best? There’s also a way to calculate it. 

  1. Moisturizer

Hydrating skincare products are also a need in any travel destination. Moisturizer is especially effective when you use it after cleansing your face. It ensures that your skin stays hydrated for a long period of time, likewise preventing any oiliness or dryness from plaguing your skin. With these conditions at bay, you’re less likely to develop acne or any other common problems. It also makes for a great base before putting any makeup products that you might want to use for those social media snapshots. You might feel like you need to slather on a large amount, although you can always opt for a travel sized bottle if you’re only vacationing for a few days. 

  1. Skin Repair

It’s clear that not everyone has perfect skin. Even the ones with seemingly blemish-free faces also suffer a few skin issues from time to time. Having acne, uneven skin tone, or slight wrinkles can happen to anyone. Not to worry though—there are a few products that promise to help your skin here and there, on the days when it needs that extra little push. 

Acne Treatment

Spot treatments are an absolute need. Just because you travel to another area doesn’t mean your skin automatically takes a vacation from its usual issues. In fact, there are times when the unfamiliar climate or weather can actually aggravate acne. Bringing acne treatment can actually help a lot, just in case your skin gets irritated by the change in weather. The treatment works best when you understand the underlying cause for your acne. Is it from dryness, or is it hormonal? There’s a specific type of treatment depending on what’s causing your breakouts.

Anti-aging Serums

Especially for those who are conscious about how their skin looks as they age, bringing along anti-aging serums or creams might be handy. If you don’t want to bring the entire serum with you on your travels, there’s always the option of transferring some of it into a travel-sized bottle to fit inside your luggage. 

  1. Makeup Remover

If you bring makeup with you to a trip, then it should only follow that you bring makeup remover with you. Having makeup wipes is a good option—although you can’t rely only on this to remove it all, so you’d likely have to follow it up with a good cleanser. You could also choose to bring micellar water and cotton pads. Still, this would mean that the cotton pads would take up more space in your travel suitcase. 

The Essentials of Skincare

Skincare is a must wherever you go. It goes beyond buying all sorts of products and following a specific routine—it’s about taking the time to take care of yourself. If you manage to keep your skin happy and healthy, it’s definitely going to show.