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Welojets takes you to experience Ibiza’s nightlife on a private jet

The Madrid-based private jet provider offers an exclusive “Fly&Nightlife” package to enjoy the best nightclubs in the electric Balearic Island for the upcoming summer season.

Welojets to Ibiza

The Ibiza season is about to begin. The most electric island in the Mediterranean is set to launch its Opening Parties during late April and May, as world-renowned DJs jump to stage to lead the night vibe in all major clubs.

Welojets, leading private jet provider based in Madrid, has designed a completely customizable “Fly & Nightlife” package which includes a private jet flight to the island and the most exclusive nightlife experiences that only Ibiza can offer, as well as tickets and a VIP table to one of the 2022 Opening Parties.

Ibiza is a world-renowned tourist destination with beautiful beaches and a great hospitality industry, although the nightlife scene takes front stage during summer thanks to its internationally famous nightclubs, which for many are the main attraction for traveling to the island. This year’s season will showcase the best DJs in the world, from DJ Solomun to Calvin Harris, Amelie Lens, Ben Klock, Airod, ARTBAT, Kölsch and Layla Benitez, among others.

The best way to experience a unique weekend or a short stay at Ibiza, flying from any location in Europe, is to charter a private jet and enjoy all the features associated to private jet travel, from swift boarding at an exclusive lounge, choosing from a wide array of aircraft, to a completely tailored approach to all flight needs.

Ibiza has historically been a private jet magnet and, most recently, during 2021, it presented the highest rise in private aviation flights in Spain, registering a 95% increase versus 2020, and in overall flight hours, a 100% rise in the same timeframe. This speaks volumes about the island as a major destination in Europe and the world, and its top-notch infrastructure to serve the large influx of private aircraft yearlong.

More information, here: https://book.welojets.com/ibiza