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Must-Read Books Inspired by Famous Travel Destinations

Before embarking on a new adventure, selecting the right destination is essential. These books might just spark that inspiration you need. While many of the locations featured in these reads may already be on your radar, they offer fresh perspectives and unique approaches that could make your travels even more enriching. Plus, they promise a captivating read to get you in the travel mood.

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1 Tom: By Any Means by Charley Boorman

This book began as a sequel to the documentary “Long Way Round,” featuring actor Ewan McGregor and his close friend Charley Boorman. Accompanied by a producer and a cameraman, Charley embarked on an adventurous global journey, traveling from Ireland to Australia without using airlines. Their travels provide a captivating geography lesson and insightful social commentary, as they immerse themselves in the diverse cultures and landscapes of each country they visit. If you have the chance, be sure to check out the TV show, which shares the same title.

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2 Livia: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

Join journalist and mountaineer Jon Krakauer on his daring quest to scale Mount Everest during the infamous 1996 Adventure Consultants expedition. Experience the demanding acclimatization process required to withstand high altitudes, face the hazards of navigating the treacherous Khumbu Ice Falls, and understand the profound respect mountaineers and Sherpas hold for Chomolungma. Share in Krakauer’s harrowing descent, pursued by a deadly storm that tragically claims the lives of his fellow climbers. This heart-wrenching yet captivating personal narrative of summiting the world’s highest peak will leave you breathless and deeply moved.

3 Gösta Berling’s Saga by Selma Lagerlöf

Gösta Berling’s Saga is a celebrated novel by Nobel laureate Selma Lagerlöf, renowned as one of the cornerstones of Swedish literature. The story gained international fame when it was adapted into a silent film in 1924, marking the cinematic debut of Greta Garbo. Set in the picturesque region of Värmland during the 1820s, the novel follows Gösta Berling, a defrocked priest, as its central character. Through Lagerlöf’s masterful narrative, readers are transported to the lush coniferous forests and quaint wooden cottages by Lake Fryken. Her evocative descriptions will undoubtedly ignite a desire to visit this enchanting landscape.

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4  The City of Marvels by Eduardo Mendoza

“The City of Marvels” by Eduardo Mendoza Garriga plunges readers into the heart of Barcelona’s dramatic transformation from a quaint provincial town to a bustling metropolis at the turn of the 20th century. Known in its original Spanish as “La ciudad de los prodigios,” this historical novel weaves together pivotal events, stunning architecture, and the intricate lives of its characters.

The story follows Onofre Bouvila, who arrives in Barcelona as an impoverished young man. His adventures soon become deeply intertwined with the city’s unstoppable march toward progress and modernity. Against the backdrop of Barcelona’s rapid urban development, fueled by industrialization and the grand World Exposition of 1888, Onofre’s personal growth mirrors the sweeping societal changes of the era.

5 Erin: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Their mission? Conquering the Appalachian Trail, a sprawling 3,500-kilometer trek that winds from Georgia to Maine. This monumental hike tests the duo in every conceivable way nature can throw at them. From gear mishaps and fitness challenges to the looming threat of bears, Bryson and Katz press on with unyielding determination. Their misadventures don’t just elicit chuckles—they deliver genuine belly laughs.

6 Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

Being one of the most frequented cities globally, Paris often needs no introduction. Yet, works like Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables serve as a reminder that there’s so much more beneath the surface. Sure, a visit to Paris will likely include iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Champs-Élysées. However, Hugo’s narrative encourages you to explore a different side of this glamorous city—the less affluent, the rebellious, the people’s Paris. Les Misérables is not just a tribute to the French capital but also to the indomitable revolutionary spirit of its inhabitants.


Travel with and on the advice of books. It’s a wonderful time to relax your mind and body, often missed by less experienced travelers. But now you’re definitely not one of them.