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New study reveals the world’s Foodie Hotspots

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When selecting a city to travel to, for many travelers, sampling the local cuisines is at the top of the priority list – and with the global culinary tourism market set to reach USD$3.46 billion by 2028, it is for many travelers a priority.1 So, where are the best areas to travel to if you’re leading with your tastebuds?

By analyzing various factors such as the number of Michelin Guide restaurants, veggie, and gluten-free restaurants, and the average cost of a meal, Compare the Market AU has revealed the best cities for foodies to bookmark for their next getaway.

The top 10 foodie hotspots were revealed as:

RankCityMichelin Restaurants5* Restaurants Per 100,000 PeopleGlutenFree Restaurants Per 100,000 PeopleVegan/Vegetarian Restaurants Per 100,000 PeopleCost of a Meal (AUD)Total Score
1Venice, Italy832.5599.21220.11$99.123.663
2Prague, Czechia267.9324.3375.49$82.013.172
3Amsterdam, Netherlands3345.9148.38129.72$115.652.992
4San Francisco, United States3149.8850.72113.31$148.902.864
5Milan, Italy1816.3331.5174.81$123.372.522
6Taipei, Taiwan3047.132.7621.967$57.112.424
7Dubai, United Arab Emirates1462.8124.2164.00$113.502.423
8Tokyo, Japan19912.110.221.15$73.692.411
9Dublin, Ireland517.3240.4767.71$140.432.295
10Budapest, Hungary733.7418.5046.12$80.132.249

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most romantic cities, Venice also tops the list as the world’s foodie hotspot. When we think of Italy, pizza, pasta, and gelato may spring to mind, but Venice has so much more to bring to the table. With 8 Michelin-star restaurants in the city, there are plenty of fine-dining options to impress that special someone. Surprisingly, Venice also contains the most gluten-free eateries per 100,000 people, meaning travelers with gluten intolerances don’t have to miss out.

European countries dominate the ranking with Prague (3.172) and Amsterdam (2.992) respectively ranking second and third. When you think of Czech cuisine you likely think of hearty meals and full stomachs – and this is reflected in the fact Prague offers the most 5* restaurants per 100,000 people, with travelers clearly leaving with more than satisfied stomachs. Amsterdam is known for the stroopwafel and cycling culture, but it is also fantastic at catering to those with dietary requirements, ranking second on the list for vegans and vegetarians, and third on the list for gluten-free restaurants.

In terms of US cities, San Francisco takes the US foodie crown with a score of 2.864 overall. The Californian city is known for serving up everything from burritos to San Franciscan sourdough. The city is also incredibly restaurant-dense and for those who prefer the finer things in life, is home to 31 Michelin-star restaurants.

Across other parts of the world, Taipei ranks top among Asian cities with a score of 2.424 – known for offering amazing food around the clock. Must-try dishes include beef noodle soup and hotpot – and as the 7th cheapest of the cities analyzed Taipei is one of the best places for cheap eats too. Dubai ranks 7th on the list with the second-highest number of 5* restaurants per 100,000 people with lots of amazing spots to try authentic Emirati cuisine.

Commenting on the findings Adrian Taylor, General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market Australia, stated: ­­­“When wanting to try authentic cuisine, there is no better place to sample it than the city itself. So, there is little wonder that culinary tourism continues to rise in popularity. Traveling in a group there can also be a lot of different dietary requirements and budget, so we wanted to look across the board to see which cities are overall the best for foodies.

“When traveling it is essential to have travel insurance in place should the unexpected happen – this can be everything from an upset stomach to an accidental fall. This way you could be in a much better position if there are any unplanned disturbances to your holiday.”