Ontario Welcomes Uplå: America’s Largest Outdoor Trampoline

The Trekking Group, holding company of Treetop Trekking, Ontario’s Attraction of the Year, is announcing today the opening of uplå in Stouffville, on June 23rd. The thrilling aerial forest attraction, which features North America’s largest outdoor trampolines, promises to deliver an extraordinary adventure that combines thrilling activities with a nature-inspired experience.

Following the success of uplå’s first location in Mont Saint Grégoire, Quebec, which attracted over 100,000 guests in 2022, Treetop Trekking is excited to bring this unique concept to Ontario. Designed and produced by The Trekking Group, uplå is a suspended world that allows visitors to enjoy a playful experience in the treetops while having fun in a universe of nets.

“We are dedicated to making the great outdoors accessible to everyone, which is why we pushed the boundaries of outdoor recreation and created uplå, a revolutionary way for people to experience nature in a fun, active, and eco-friendly manner”, said Jean-François Couture, Chief Marketing Officer at The Trekking Group. “Motivated by our passion for nature, people, and authenticity, we chose to stay true to our roots by establishing our second uplå park in Ontario, despite a strong interest expressed by companies from all over North America”. 

The uplå park in Stouffville features a mega-trampoline with nine interconnected jumping surfaces, complete with pathways, a two-story trampoline, slides, vertical tunnels, and a spiral entrance, offering visitors a wide range of exciting activities to enjoy. The Trekking Group has successfully created a new nature-oriented attraction on a Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA) property that seamlessly integrates with its natural  surroundings. 

“We believe uplå will provide an unforgettable experience for individuals seeking adventure and a chance to disconnect from screens and everyday stress, while reconnecting with nature in a unique and exciting way,” mentions Jean-François Couture. 

The development plan for uplå is designed to be modular, with additional features to be announced and added throughout its first year of operation. uplå is scheduled to open to the public on June 23, 2023, with pre-sales beginning on May 15th, 2023. For more information about uplå and to stay updated on the latest news, please visit upla.ca