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Pint-sized travellers reveal big-time travel tips

Each year Sunwing searches for their new “Kidcationers” (kids ages 14 and under) from across the country to experience, review and test out all the features at some of the most popular family-friendly destinations/resorts.

The goal? To see if they are certified “Kidcation Approved” or not – after all who’s better to test out for resorts for kids than kids themselves? These little testers can help parents make some big travel decisions. They say kids are the “real” decision makers in the family anyway, and we agree!

After 5 seasons of the contest, Sunwing has gathered tips, insights, stories and much more from our tiny travel experts. Advice for kids by kids and the results are anything but expected…

1 – Try New Things: You should try as many new things as you can on any trip! One thing that really surprised us was how pineapples grow. Did you know they grow out of the ground? We always thought they grew on trees! While on one of our excursions we got to see a pineapple farm and learn about them (along with many other things like trying chocolate!). Not to mention the pineapples tasted SO SO SO good and fresh, we could not get enough of it! – Paige, 14 & Maddox, 10

2 – Perfect Packing: I packed some activities for the plane and everything. The one thing I made sure I packed was my bathing suit, don’t forget that! I brought a lot of things to do, like colouring books, and crafts. I never needed them!!! I was so busy at Azulitos Playhouse (Azul Beach Resort Kids Club) with the crafts they do in the kid’s area. You only need something for the plane. I also brought too many shoes! Sandals and sneakers are good enough. That will help make your suitcase lighter. – Natalie, 10

3 – Eat New Foods: It’s not going to be like Canada (home). Start by playing safe with things you recognize or already know. BUT make sure you try something you’ve never had before because you may never get to again! I tried new desserts (like pies, cakes and PLENTY of churros!). – Jayda, 13

4 – Explore Your New Digs: My family likes to do a walk-about on the resort as soon as we get there. We like to know where the pool is, the restaurants and where we can get ice cream! – Jacob, 12

5 – Pack the Fun: Mom mainly packed but we made sure to have rubber bouncy pool balls. We always travel with those! And our masks and snorkels. – Fireese, 13 & Hartford, 10

6 – Be Prepared: It’s okay to be prepared. If you want to bring three kinds of lip balms, bring three. BUT don’t overthink what you’re bringing. Also don’t pack too much. Stick to one or two pieces of luggage. And when you get there, if you didn’t remember it while packing it probably isn’t that important. But double check that you packed everything you want and make a list. Don’t forget your bathing suit – you’ll probably wear that the most! – Jayda, 13

7 – Make Memories: My favorite memory of our vacation is when we were at the beach. There was a man who was coming around the beach with a real MONKEY!!! He came over and put the monkey on Maddox’s head! It was really funny and (even though the monkey did pee on Maddox’s head) he thought it was really funny too. The monkey was even wearing a little hat and super playful. That’s something I never thought I would ever do: be able to actually pet a monkey. It is by far one of my favourite (and funniest) memories of our trip! – Paige, 14 & Maddox, 10


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