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Portable Car Refrigerator Designed For The Outdoor Lifestyle  

Setpower X50 Battery Portable Fridge Freezer
Setpower X50 Battery Portable Fridge Freezer

The outdoor lifestyle is a leisure most people choose or yearn for. Whether it’s an outdoor picnic outdoor camping, or an outdoor barbecue, these outdoor activities will help someone relax from the fast-paced city. When it comes to the outdoor lifestyle, how can a mobile refrigerator benefit?  Setpower has been working to provide more energy efficient outdoor living, thus, the X50 was made.

  • Powered by DC power source, AC wall outlet, power station, solar panel
  • Removable built-in battery as an outdoor emergency power supply device
  • -4F~68F deep cooling range
  • Extra-large sturdy wheels and retractable pull rod for easier use outdoor
  • Inductive (wireless) charging for your mobile phone (in case the phone comes with this function), USB output charge
  • humanized design, drain plug, bottle-opener

Many people may have concerns from the lack of energy when using refrigerators outdoors. Setpower X50 will alleviate this problem to some extent. Compatible with most batteries and solar panels on the market, the X50 can be powered by solar panel directly (not just plugged into a cigarette socket, AC power or power bank). A variety of energy options is available. 52200mAH built-in battery can power the X50 up to 5.5 hours. This means there is no need to worry about using the X50 for short periods of time outdoors, in addition, mobile phone can be charged through the wireless charging board.

As a portable refrigerator, people are most concerned about the refrigeration performance. The X50 has a high efficiency compressor with low noise and energy saving. The X50 can be used as a portable fridge or a freezer, you can set the temperature to your desired temperature. -4F~68F cooling range can meet the most basic food refrigeration or preservation needed.

A comfortable pull bar makes the bulky fridge easier to pull outdoor. Setpower X50 comes with shock-proof wheels and a retractable pull rod that will easily help you carry the heavy fridge up to 110lbs.

Setpower has been continuously designing and optimizing new products for our customers. Trusting and discovering the power of journey.