With a world turned upside-down by Covid-19, there is a new safe, exciting option to explore by yacht beginning in December. Kontiki Expeditions will set forth on an exploration of the seldom-visited Ecuadorian coast, allowing for a rich cultural adventure and an exclusive voyage. With only nine staterooms and stops at unpopulated coastal ports, social distancing is the norm rather than the exception.

Kontiki Expeditions is a new concept in luxury ocean vacations focusing on conscious travel and immersive water and land experiences via a small luxury yacht for up to 18 people. The yacht travels two routes along the Ecuadorian coast and takes full advantage of the country’s wealth of birds, animals, flora, fauna, indigenous foods and cultural traditions while adhering to a philosophy of sustainability and giving back to communities.

Why You Should Book A Small-Yacht Kontiki Expedition

  1. Kontiki Expeditions offers a small-ship, luxurious experience with no fear of crowds either on-board or during water or land activities.
  2. Ecuador is home to 302 miles of coastline. Kontiki Expeditions drop anchor at seldom-visited ports where locals welcome visitors with a deep cultural immersion, rich gastronomy, and beautiful flora and fauna. Additionally, Kontiki visits islands and inland areas, not accessible to larger ships, where indigenous blue-footed boobies, howler monkeys, cuzumbos, silver rays and hummingbirds abound.
  3. The privileged group size allows for extensive interpersonal connection small local communities with hands-on experiences and observations of lifestyles, handicrafts, cuisine and traditions.
  4. The yacht’s small size and small passenger size ensure personalized attention, in-depth experiences and the opportunity to enhance any interest during the voyage be it water activities, wellness, land activities or education.
  5. Health precautions are paramount on a small yacht. With its nearly 1:1 staff to guest ratio, attention to detail is maintained at all times. Health precautions prior to boarding, on ship, and on land are strictly maintained. The Safe Travels accreditation by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) has been achieved for all sailings.
  6. Sustainability is more important than ever given the effects of overtourism. With a small yacht expedition, protocols for environmental protection are carefully maintained and giving back to the communities visited is a priority.
  7. A small yacht is perfect for a multigenerational, multi-family, or private getaway. The yacht can also be booked as a charter for a private escape with bespoke activities easily arranged.

“We have the luxury of delving deeply into the areas we visit,” notes Carlos Nunez, CEO and founder of Kontiki Expeditions. “Guests, more than ever, are looking for smaller environments on board and on land, with fewer people and less exposure to risk,” he continued. “We are proud to offer our luxurious yacht and crew to create an experience that is meaningful, exciting and safe and one that will create new, shareable memories.”


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