The vastness and diversity of the Yukon means that naturally the accommodation options available are extremely remote too. When travellers can venture to Canada’s Northwest corner again, they can escape the crowds and stay in one of the 40 government owned campsites and RV parks in the secluded, wild Yukon backcountry.

The Yukon is pure North American wilderness, with 5,000-metre peaks, forested valleys, unspoiled waters and untamed wildlife. The Yukon is home to more than 160,000 caribou, 70,000 moose, 22,000 mountain sheep, 6,000 grizzly bears, 220 species of birds and only 40,000 humans.

With national and territorial parks in abundance, including the UNESCO World Heritage site, Kluane National Park, four Canadian Heritage Rivers, and 3,000 miles of road, some of Canada’s most remote areas become accessible to visitors in the Yukon.

Here is a selection of the top camping and RV locations in the Yukon:

Make miles of memories in an RV
RVing in the Yukon is far more than your standard road trip. Here, easy driving on uncrowded highways takes visitors to some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. Drive long stretches beneath dramatic mountain ranges, through sprawling valleys and alongside wild rivers. Wildlife viewing can include large mammals like moose, caribou, mountain sheep, black bears, grizzlies and wood bison.

But it is not just wildlife and wilderness. Along the way are modest rest stops, full-service RV parks and warm, welcoming communities with lots to do. Historic sites, art galleries, interesting museums and cultural centres all offer lots of tempting reasons to stop.

Visitors should plan to visit Klondike River Campground, just 12 miles outside of Gold Rush town, Dawson City. The government owned campground has a 1.7m interpretive trail and boardwalk to the Klondike River through the forest, home to rich a variety of plant life.

Surrounded by open aspen forest, Twin Lakes Campground is also not to be missed. Situated on Twin Lakes (or Deghäl Shäw Män to the First Nations communities), the site is the ideal location to canoe, kayak, swim or fish.

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