Travel away from the troubles of 2020 and escape the stress and pressure from a year of uncertainty to a safe and unparalleled paradise. The H Resort Seychelles welcomes you to reconnect with nature as your paradise home away from home.

The islands are synonymous with stunning natural beauty, the wonderful harmony enjoyed by the multi-ethnic society and a near perfect climate where the temperature is always somewhere between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius, earning the islands a reputation as ‘land of perpetual summer‘.

The 115 islands have remained sanctuaries for some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. So rare, that the Vallée de Mai which nurtures the legendary coco-de-mer, was once thought to be the original site of the biblical Garden of Eden.

H Resort offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the modern comforts in this beautiful tropical paradise entwined with chic décor, sumptuous food and beverages and spacious luxury to relax in.


Please see here Seychelles Visitor Travel Advisory  for full information on entry, stay and departures.

Seychelles has recorded a very low number of cases and there has been no community transmission, deaths nor any infection amongst health care workers. With travellers’ wellbeing and that of the local population at heart.

The authorities in Seychelles have decided to provide ‘Special Status’ to a

group of 7 countries. These are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

The H Resort – Unparalleled Paradise

Seychelles is increasingly winning a reputation for being a stand-out holiday destination for discerning travellers in search of authenticity, harmony, safety and one of the most extraordinary experiences of nature on the planet.

The H Resort Seychelles is very proud to be the leading resort in best practice, standards and values sustainable and environmental tourism to the islands. With its consistent and ground-breaking initiatives which has seen everything from dedicated ecological areas, education and local projects within and outside of the property it has earned them the award for the ‘Leading Green Resort Seychelles 2020’ for the third year running.

H Resort continually looks for ways to preserve and protect natural resources by reducing waste and energy, while providing experiences and service to their guests, without compromising on the beauty of the guest experience.

Our 5 Pillars in Sustainability


“We communicate with our guests and create awareness of our efforts while encouraging them to join us in the simplest practices to reach our goals. Our Eco-project is based on 5 interconnected pillars. It is impossible to think about nature, wildlife and an Eco-friendly life separately. These elements are all intertwined, like a group of Hawksbill Sea Turtles swimming through a marine current, if you improve something in your local environment, it will be projected to the rest of the world”.

A tranquil, boutique and culturally connected, the resort offers guests a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Located on Beau Vallon beach which lays northwest on the island of Mahé, the H Resort is a contemporary & chic property featuring 100 rooms comprising of villas and suites, an award winning spa and 7 eclectic dining experiences. As your paradise home away from home, the resort offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the modern comforts in this beautiful tropical paradise entwined with chic décor, sumptuous food & beverages and spacious luxury to relax in.

Offering an unparalleled collection of opulently appointed accommodations, relaxation and recreational spaces that showcase the true heritage of their Seychellois surroundings. The 100 villas and suites redefine paradise – stylish comfort and idyllic bliss. Designed to represent a blend between creole and colonial architecture – the resort is an epitome of a lush paradise all overlooking the topical tropical gardens that surround it and lead you to the beach.

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