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Small Group Food & Wine Tours of Sicily

Truffle Hunting
Photo by Andrea Cairone

Food and Wine Grand Tour of Sicily has created a collection of small group tour of Sicily. Check out some of the itineraries below.

Truffle Hunting

This Tour is available from Siracusa and is a great opportunity to enjoy the countryside, to have fund with the Truffle dog and discover an unknown part of Sicily. The day will include the truffle hunting, the Time Machine Excperince (we like to call this way the discover of the lifestyle of Sicilian in 1800/early 1900) followed by a lunch in a local restaurant based on the truffle hunted!!!

Cheese, Wine & Tuna Fishing Village

This tour is operated from Siracusa and is a great solution to discover a cheese maker and taste the fresh cheese, visit an old tuna fishing Village in the southern part of Sicily and have lunch/wine tasting in a local winery. A great mix of ingredients for a perfect holiday in Sicily.

For more information , visit tourofsicily.com.


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