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SouthAmerica.travel Launches “Three Guianas Adventure” Tour

SouthAmerica.travel launches its “Three Guianas Adventure” tour, which takes guests to Guyana (formerly British Guiana), Suriname (formerly, Dutch Guiana), French Guiana and Belém, Brazil. Showcasing a region of South America rarely visited by outsiders, the intimate, in-depth guided tour will focus on three aspects: nature, culture and gastronomy within the three Guianas. 

“For the first-time ever, we are excited to be taking our guests to Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and additionally Belém, Brazil” said SouthAmerica.travel co-founder, Juergen Keller. “Completely off-the-beaten-path, this region is less-known by tourists and often overlooked by other South American destinations such as Rio de Janeiro and The Galapagos Islands.”

From Guyana, South America’s only English-speaking country to French Guiana: where Europe meets South America, highlights from SouthAmerica.travel’s “Three Guianas Adventure” tour include:

Guyana (Formerly, British Guiana): South America’s Only English-Speaking Country

  • Starting in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, guests will be surrounded by fading remnants of old Dutch and British colonial architecture, which pay homage to The Netherlands and Great Britain establishing empires in the region long ago. Travelers will visit landmarks such as Stabroek Market and St. George’s Cathedral as well as tour Bourda Market with Delven Adams — one of the nation’s most beloved chefs, who will later serve lunch at his traditional Guyanese restaurant, Backyard Café. Stepping away from city life, guests will travel to the country’s pristine rainforest, and stay at Amerindian-run Surama Lodge. Here, guests will be able to able to learn about the indigenous community, hike up Surama Mountain for views to the Pakaraima Mountains, spot Black Caiman and Giant River Otter, then afterwards head to the powerful Kaieteur Falls, which is five times as high as Niagara Falls.   

Suriname (Formerly, Dutch Guiana): Dutch Colonial-Era Architecture and a Melting-Pot Culture

  • Kicking things off in Suriname’s capital, Paramaribo, guests will witness the interesting cultural mix that makes up the country including remains of the country’s original colonial ruler, The Netherlands, as well as Javanese, Hindustani and Maroon influences. On the tour, culinary enthusiasts will get to taste Javanese cuisine at traditional restaurant, Warung. While in Paramaribo, guests will embark on a sunset boat trip in search of dolphins and local snacks such as Barra, Baka Bana and Eggroll. After a day in the city, adventurers will travel by boat along the upper Suriname River and stay at Eco Torarica Lodge. Here, guests will visit village, Pikin Slee, and tour the Maroon Museum — provides museumgoers with a history on the Maroon people who lived in Surinamese rainforests for centuries. Back in Paramaribo, guests will tour the UNESCO city center, which includes visiting former Dutch fortress Fort Nieuw Amsterdam, as well as several colonial-age coffee and cocoa plantations along the Commewijne River.

French Guiana: A corner of France in South America

  • While in French Guiana, guests will travel across the Maroni River by canoe. Adventurers will visit Saint Laurent du Maroni, an area often transited in the colonial-age by slaves and indentured servants. Travelers will also visit Îles de Salut or “Devil’s Island” – an archipelago seven miles off the coast that served as a transit point for explorers, political prisoners and convicts, which is the famous penal colony where French author of Papillon, Henri Charrière, spent two years in solitary confinement. Guests will visit the capital city, Cayenne, as well as visit Cacao – home of H’mong farmers who settled here as refugees during the Vietnam war. Guests will finish the tour in Belém, Brazil where they will visit an Açai market, eat breakfast in Ver-o-Peso Market — known for food & medicinal herbs sold in historic buildings – as well as tour a local chocolate factory.


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