Special Places to Visit Along the California Coast

The natural landscape of this iconic stretch of Highway 1 has inspired numerous paintings, poems, literature and song. As such, we take its conservation seriously – we want to to continue to exist as it is so that it inspires many generations to come. Along the Highway 1 Discovery Route you’ll find thousands of acres of protected open space, both on land and at sea. These estuaries, fields, mountains, bluffs and beaches are home to sea otters, elephant seals, snowy plovers, Monarch butterflies and many other creatures. Our wide open spaces also house precious native plants like Los Osos’s ancient oaks and Cambria’s Monterey Pine trees, which are endangered and rare.

These majestic places aren’t just for the flora and fauna – they’re meant for everyone to enjoy. Visitors and locals alike enjoy hiking across the many miles of coastal trail along Highway 1. Pause to treasure the panoramic mountain views, intimate oak forests, and ocean vistas. As you explore our quiet, splendor-filled corner of the world, please remember to leave it the way you found it. Observe regulations about dogs, noise, open hours, staying on paths, wildlife, and litter.