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Take Anguilla’s History with a Pinch of Salt…Literally!

collecting sea salt

Known as the “Quiet Gem” of the Caribbean, the contemporary island of Anguilla has made its name on a robust offering of luxurious oceanside accommodations that have drawn the likes of Lebron James, Leonardo di Caprio, and countless Canadians of the non-famous variety to its ivory shores. Of course, tourism wasn’t always the island’s bread and butter: until relatively recently, Anguilla found its identity at the bottom of a lake!

Said “lake” is really the Road Salt Pond, a 43 hectare lagoon upon which Anguilla’s thriving salt harvesting economy was based. For centuries, the people of Anguilla worked hard to plumb the pond’s depths for naturally occurring salt, exporting up to 90,000 barrels a year to Canada and the United States. With the advent of tourism in the 1980s, Anguilla’s storied salt infrastructure has lain abandoned…until now.

Perhaps in recognition of the central role salt has played in the cultural and economic growth of the island, Anguillians young and old have contributed to something of a salty renaissance that includes: 

  • An annual Salt Festival and organized grassroots tours into the pond, where locals and visitors alike can pick salt by hand – just like the old days. 
  • The adoption of locally sourced salt as a gourmet ingredient in local resort and restaurant fare.
  • The inclusion of Anguillian salt as a cleansing element at some of the island’s most lavish spas.

The story of Anguilla is more than just a story of sun, sea, and sand…it’s a story of salt! Grab a handful on your next vacation and don’t hesitate to go for a dip: the salinity of Road Salt Pond has wondrous therapeutic benefits! You can book this fun activity through Quest Experience.