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The 3 Best Reasons To Fish From A Kayak

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Many people that love to fish dream of owning a boat one day. The idea is that you can chase the fish instead of standing on a pier waiting for them all day. The funny thing is that fishing from a kayak beats boat fishing in a lot of ways. And it is not even close to as big an investment.

It’s a way of fishing that is becoming more popular with each passing year. It is proving to be an effective and fun way to get out on the water and catch lots of fish. There are even a lot of groups so you can belong to a club that has get-togethers and fishing contests all summer long if you like. There are a lot of benefits to fishing from a kayak so let’s begin.

1 – You’ll catch a lot of fish

Different varieties of fish tend to pick a place they like and stay there. Some like to hang around the piers so catching fish from one is not a bad place to be. However, you can often reach all of those other areas where different ones will prefer. This can get you access to far more fish and will be a lot easier to find. Especially if you have a fish finder.

It is much better than a boat since you can stealthily arrive at the perfect location without scaring the fish away from the sound of the motor. All you have to do is bait up your fishing tackle and drop it down. Chances are very high that you will catch your limit for the day when you fish from a kayak.

2 – It’s great exercise

Kayak fishing is a great way to get your exercise in while also catching fish. The fact that your kayak is powered by you and not a gas powered engine means that if you want to get out there you have to work for it.

Paddling a kayak is great for your core strength and for fat burning since it uses a lot of different muscle groups. There are even kayaks that rely on pedal power so you are working your legs while casting with your arms for a total body workout.

The best part is that it hardly feels like exercise since you are distracted by how much fun you’re having.

3 – It’s good for the environment

Boats are terrible polluters and use a lot of gas. This exhaust and the bilge that ends up in the water is bad for the fish and bad for us humans, too. Using a kayak is much better for the environment since it doesn’t use any fossil fuels.

The only time it does is when you have to drive to the launch. However, hauling a boat to the launch uses a lot more gas which makes it even worse. There is also the question of noise pollution that you don’t have since boats are so loud.