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The Allure of Souvenir Hoarding

Photo by Daniele Franchi

Picture yourself in this scenario—there’s just something so appealing about buying a random object from a place you’ve visited, right? Gives you that cozy feeling of nostalgia every time you look at it—kind of like a physical scrapbook. But here’s what’s surprising: these travel mementos don’t have to be the typical key chains or shot glasses; they can be literally anything, even teabags or tiny jars of sand. 

Teeny Tiny Reminders: Lapel Pins and Magnets 

For the backpack-adorned adventurer—or more aptly put, the minimalistic treasure hunter—there’s nothing like a small, easily transportable memento that carries a big memory, like lapel pins. Some even conquer enough places that their collections start to weigh down their bags.  And if you’re wondering just how many refrigerator magnets can one have? Believe it or not, they can turn into art displays, beautifying the kitchen space. Creativity knows no bounds, I know right?

Household Tools, Natural Wonders and Utterly Random: Tea Towels, Rocks, Spoon Rests, Sand 

Not many would think of tea towels as keepsakes, but you learn something new every day. They’re a delight to pull out of a drawer, especially when they start to show signs of wear.  And rocks, of all things! One person even brought home an ostrich-egg-sized rock all the way from Iceland. One wonders…how heavy was their suitcase? 

Spoon rests might sound random to some but let’s face it, a little kerfuffle in the kitchen can lead to the creation of an “International Tacky Spoon Rest Museum”. Now, if you really think about it, every grain of sand has a story. It’s like taking a bit of the beach back home with you. Shores and beaches around the globe provide a unique variety—from the black sands of Martinique to the white of the Seychelles. Bottles of sand might even become a source of pride for comprising forbidden grains from Galapagos Island. 

Fancy bits 

Every now and again, one might come across fancier items that you simply can’t say no to. These usually include jewelry or perfumes but in some unique cases, you might even find gold coins for sale. And if you can afford it, why not go for it – after all – these high-end items could last for a lifetime. 

Tangible Taste Tests: Wine and Beer 

There’s nothing like a glass that brings back memories of a small family winery in Tuscany or the antique caves in France. For those inclined to indulge in fermented adventures; wine and beer labels turn into beautiful walkdown-memory-lane tokens. 

Long story short, travel keepsakes can take on almost any form. So, next time you’re on an adventure—big or small—grab a memento that speaks to you and add to your unique collection. After all, it’s the little things that trigger the major memories. Some may say that’s half the fun of travel; it’s the stuff beyond the passport stamps. The trinkets and keepsakes? They’re the real globetrotter’s diary. And the best part about it all? These diaries never end; there’s always a new page to add.