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The Amazon River, Penguins, Galapagos, Shopping in Vibrant Cities and the Argentine Tango

6 Compelling Reasons to Take a Cruise to South America

South America cruises offer a huge range of experiences: see the wild Amazon, visit the spectacular Machu Picchu, and shop and dine in vibrant cities like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. This continent is a study in contrast─from gorgeous shore lines and stunning natural beauty, to small villages teeming with native culture, to cosmopolitan cities with the most current amenities and fashions, this is a region not to be missed!

  1. South America is a large continent with a wide variety of geography and climates to suit every traveler. From the beaches in Brazil, rainforests of the Amazon, the Andes Mountains that run through 7 countries in South America, to the Patagonia Glaciers-the variety is astounding. A cruise around South America like this 58-Night Circle South America cruise aboard the Island Princess will let you explore all that South America has to offer.
  1. 7 Wonders! If your bucket list includes visiting the 7 Wonders of the Modern World, then South America is a must. The Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janiero and Machu Picchu in Peru are both on the list!
  1. Penguins! Whether you are visiting the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Patagonia, Brazil, Ushuaia, Argentina, Punta Tombo in Argentina or the sub-arctic islands like the Falklands or South Georgia you can see Penguins in their natural habitats.
  1. Galapagos! The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site allowing protection of the wonderfully unique wildlife that can be found here. Many expedition cruise lines, like Un-Cruise Adventures, sail here and the smaller ships allow for a very special cruise experience.
  1. Learn the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires! Argentina has a so much to offer when you are at port, but would a stop there be complete without learning the steps to this famous dance?
  2. Amazon River! It’s not just ocean liners that offer South American cruises. River cruise lines like Avalon Waterways offer cruises that sail along the Amazon River. The Amazon River crosses through the continent, letting you explore the interior of South America and all the beauty and wildlife of the Amazon.

To see a list of  all available shore excursions in South America, and around the world, please visit Cruise Compete’s Shore Excursions page.


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