The Beach Samui, Koh Samui, Thailand

The Beach Samui, on Thailand’s Koh Samui island, announced the opening of The Herbalist at The Beach Samui, the first in-hotel Herbal Dispensary in South-East Asia. This first-of-its-kind travel destination will provide meaningful retreat experiences designed to aid in healing using natural plant-based remedies to supercharge one’s lifestyle.

A multiple-company collaboration, crafted by respected figures from the Hospitality (The Beach Samui, SABAI SABAI™), Hemp/Cannabis (Element ApothecT-Basa), and Retreat (Ceremony) industries, The Herbalist at The Beach Samui is uniquely staffed with two registered Herbal Pharmacists trained under Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health’s Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, and a roster of Guest Practitioners, to deliver an all-natural healing experience as each guest wishes.

The Beach Samui cultivates an intimate and peaceful environment where natural well-being is celebrated, not enforced, and guests are pampered as they wish with slow and gentle infused well-being rituals and retreats, balanced by functional fitness practices using all-natural premium cannabis-infused medicine. Under the guidance of government-trained Herbal Pharmacists, using purpose-driven, certified-clean, plant-based, cannabis ingredients sourced from premium suppliers, guests are invited to experience a truly magical combination of cannabinoids that enhance the natural journey of well-being with a focus on the celebration of health and relaxation throughout their stay. 21 spacious suites, beautifully designed by the team behind the Rosewood Amsterdam and the Peninsula London, are elevated by endless ocean views, luxury interiors, delicious infused Thai home-style cooking, and first-in-class hospitality, The Beach Samui is designed to deliver considered holiday rejuvenation, and the best nights sleep, guaranteed.

T-Basa, a Cannabis industry leader in Thailand, well-respected as a seasoned expert in cultivation, using environmentally friendly practices to manufacture pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts in state-of-the-art labs, is joining forces with The Beach Samui to spearhead licensing and cultivation. Element Apothec is on the cutting edge of purpose-driven cannabis education and product development and will be delivering years of research-based, doctor-formulated, award-winning products, infused within the menu of well-being ritual programs guests will experience. Ceremony, with its premium cannabis-related consumption products and mindfulness-oriented events, partners with The Beach Samui to further expand and enhance its luxury retreat program.

The Herbalist at The Beach Samui is uniquely positioned to lead the way for plant-enhanced destination resorts with plans to expand throughout Thailand, Asia, and Worldwide under the SABAI SABAI™ Wellness Resorts umbrella brand. SABAI SABAI™ and The Beach Samui team are welcoming new Investors and Strategic Partners and will be launching a digital Membership platform later in 2023 that will allow guests and others wishing to invest in their well-being an opportunity to share in the future of wellness travel.

Charlotte Rose Melsom, Founding Partner of The Beach Samui & COO of SABAI SABAI™ says, “Thailand has a long history of medicinal herb use and is once again celebrating their importance in everyday life. It has become our purpose to create a place where those wishing to discover the well-being benefits of medicinal herbs and cannabinoids can do so in a safe, monitored and elevated journey of outstanding hospitality, ultimate comfort, authentic experience and fundamental education. We are in excellent company”

The Beach Samui partners with the experienced team of medical professionals at Element Apothec to supplement their education around the cannabis plant and to develop ways to effectively integrate hemp and cannabis into the resort experience. Dr Swathi Varanasi, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Element Apothec says, “Element Apothec is proud to be at the forefront of evidence-based wellness experiences and personalized consumer education. The Beach Samui’s dedication to having safe, relaxing experiences with cannabis and CBD products will pave the way for other resorts to do the same.”