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The Evolved Traveler Introduces ‘LiveAbroad’ Lifestyles

Month-long Luxury 'Soul-journs' with The Evolved Traveler

In answer to the growing interest in remote working, The Evolved Traveler introduced LiveAbroad Lifestyles, a collection of highly inclusive, month-long stays in a diverse selection of the world’s most inspiring destinations.

“We’ve chosen locations that we believe represent a variety of lifestyles, be it the cultural verve of Berlin or Paris, the tranquility of Zimbabwe, or the sheer beauty of Seychelles.” Says Justin Smith, president of The Evolved Traveler. “Not only do these locations represent extremely different lifestyles, but some might not have been considered previously. Our selection is based not only on where we think our Guests would want to live and work where they could envision themselves having coffee every morning.  That is such a simple thing, but it says a lot about us and our lifestyle.” 

With additional destinations coming in 2022, the LiveAbroad Lifestyles portfolio currently comprises Berlin, Paris, Tuscany, Rome, Dubai, Bali, Seychelles, and Zimbabwe.

The bespoke LiveAbroad Lifestyles’ 30-day programs are designed with individuals, couples, and small families in mind, and all include:

  • Luxury accommodations with complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Welcome amenities
  • A Session with a Cultural Coach
  • Complimentary City Orientation
  • Weekly sessions with a local guide
  • Local attractions pass
  • Public Transport Pass
  • Two Weekend Getaways

Optional amenities and services may include:

  • Co-working office access
  • Gym and/or fitness equipment access
  • Language, art history, and cooking lessons
  • Social Impact Community Engagement

True to the company’s sustainable and charitable ethos, each LiveAbroad Lifestyle donates a portion of proceeds to organizations that support local environmental and humanitarian efforts in the destination chosen. “Thich Nhat Hanh says it best,” says Smith. “’Our own life is our message.’ That’s what we want to offer to our guests. The opportunity to live their best life, and leave their message, their imprint, on the world in a positive way – wherever that may be.”

For additional information, contact The Evolved Traveler at info@evolvedtraveler.com