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6 Reasons Traveling Cunard Ocean Liners is the Epitome of Luxury Cruise

Queen Victoria Cruise Ship Cunard

The cruise travel experts at Cruises-N-More share 6 reasons to take a Cunard cruise on one of their majestic ships, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2.  

1. Departure Celebrations

Brass band before departure. Uniformed military brass band marches into the Queens Room, parades and plays.

Fireworks on departure. Sail out of Southampton with a flare.

2. Gala Parties

Captain’s welcome cocktail party. Always a wonderful time to see and be seen.

World club party. Smaller crowd, another very good time.

Senior officers party. More cocktail parties with music and drinks.

Evening music in the lobby. Walking through the lobby while a saxophonist or a piano play is magical.

3. For Wine, Cocktail & Dining Aficionados

Gin and fizz bar. About fifty gins and a dozen tonics, served in balloon glasses with incredible garnishes.

Wine lunch and learn. A four-course lunch with eight wines in a specialty restaurant.

Scotch tasting. Premium scotch to learn about and taste.

Caviar and champagne. Not always on the “bar menu,” but you can ask for caviar for two with all the trimmings.

Dining. World-class dining opportunities with stellar cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus tea time. Depending on your stateroom, the wonderful dining rooms are Queen’s Grill,

Princess Grill, Britannia Restaurant, and Britannia Club Restaurant.

4. The Mareel Wellness & Beauty Spa

Mareel Spa Treatments and Amenities. Spa options are many and can meet the needs of the most discerning cruise travelers. Mareel Wellness & Beauty takes inspiration from the oceans on which Cunard ships sail to indulge your senses—mind, body and soul.

5. Music and Theatre Experiences

“Downton Abbey” in the Royal Court theater.

Choral group in the main lobby, about 100 singers.

6. Oxford Professors Share

Cruise and Learn – from lectures given by learned Oxford Professors and accomplished physicians, to art exhibits from some of the masters (the art onboard is museum quality,) to Latin dancing classes.