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The First Packable Bag with Inflatable Camera Protection

Whether you’re a photographer or avid traveler, finding the right balance between having enough bag and keeping it minimal poses a challenge. Introducing a novel solution to this problem, the VEER 18L backpack features an inflatable camera cube and inflatable back panel adding a protective, lightweight structure to your rigid yet fragile electronic gear. 

“Our inflatable back panel makes all the difference, adding structure to the bag and, when coupled with our cool air-mesh shoulder straps and removable sternum strap, loads feel much lighter than they actually are,” said WANDRD Co-founder Ryan Cope.

With the inflatable capabilities, you have the ability to transport heavy gear when needed, or deflate and use for short excursions and quick side trips. 

Other features include: 

  • Water bottle holder
  • Key clip and organizational pockets
  • Weather-resistant zippers and materials
  • Lifetime guarantee 

For more information on WANDRD, visit wandrd.com


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