When you decide to go on holiday, there are a lot of things you must keep in mind to plan the perfect trip. You need to think about where you will be going, the duration of the trip, where you will be staying, and what activities you want to do on your trip if any. Diligent planning is even more important when deciding to embark on a luxury holiday, as planning such a trip takes a lot of time and energy, especially because you will be spending a lot of well-earned money. Read on for some useful tips on how to plan the ultimate dream holiday! 

Choose Your Luxury Destination

First of all, the most obvious and most important thing to do is to pick the destination you want to spend your holiday in. When choosing a destination, you must first decide the purpose of the trip. Are you looking to sip cocktails on sandy white beaches and take blissful naps with the sun kissing your skin? If yes, then go for a trip to exotic island Fiji or Asian favorites Thailand or Bali, Indonesia. You could also opt for gorgeous beaches in Santorini, Zanzibar, and Goa.

Other popular luxury trips include flamboyant ski trips at the Alps, France, Austria, Italy, or even Canada! If diving trips are what you have in mind then you can choose from destinations such as the Australian Great Barrier Reef or various reefs in Indonesia where diving is popular. Finally, if you want a luxury cuisine-focused experience, you can head to Greece, Spain, Italy, or Mexico to refresh your palette with their local cuisines! 

Decide When you Want to Go 

A crucial decision to make is the time of year when you want to have your vacation. When it comes to travel season, it is important to note that every destination has peak seasons which are the best times during the year to visit that destination. Going on holiday during peak season means that hotels and attractions will cost more and will be ultimately busier because of many tourists flocking to these destinations at the same time. That’s why it’s best to travel during shoulder season which falls either before or after peak seasons.

Traveling during this time means that attractions will still be open but will have relatively shorter lines and be generally emptier. The weather is also a determining factor on when you should go on a trip which is why you should always check local and international forecasts when planning to choose the best time of year to visit your dream destination.

Find a Timeshare

Even though planning a luxurious getaway often requires a big budget, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Many people opt for timeshares, in which you share the cost of a luxury vacation property with others, and split the time between you so you can all enjoy an opulent stay at a lower cost. According to expert information from RCIVIP.com, timeshares come in two types: real property timeshare interests and personal property timeshares. In real property timeshare interests, you sign a contract and actually own part of a vacation property.

On the other hand, in personal property timeshares, you purchase a membership in a timeshare company and stay at any of the properties around the world owned by the timeshare company for a few weeks a year. In both cases, you should be able to afford to go on a luxury getaway at a significantly lower cost than you would have to pay on a normal vacation. 

Select Your Accommodation Type 

Another important matter to consider is the accommodation type you will be staying in on your luxury trip. When staying at an exquisite hotel, you must first pick the style of the hotel you are looking for whether it’s vintage, boutique-style, or modern. After picking the hotel style, you also need to pick a hotel with the amenities you desire whether it be a kids club, an animation team, a spa, or a hairdresser. Alternatively to hotels, many people decide to stay at resorts which span bigger areas than hotels and have everything you need at walking distance. They are a great way to relax and recharge. 

Another luxury accommodation type is a private villa. These luxury villas often have private pools (which are sometimes spectacular infinity pools), housekeeping services including breakfast and dinner services, spa treatments on hand, and sometimes even exclusive access to remote beaches. Luxury cruises are also high in popularity, especially with those who want to visit several destinations in a single trip with the opportunity to travel between ports and the option to hop on-hop off. They also feature many extravagant amenities such as incredible water parks, theatres on deck, nightclubs, and even artificial beaches! 

Choose Hassle-Free Transport 

When going on any trip, you must also choose a mode of transport to reach your destination. Oftentimes, these modes of transportation can be full of hassle and tiring which can put a damper on even the most luxurious and relaxing trip. Therefore, it’s best to choose the easiest way to get to the destination, taking as little time as possible, whether through flying, train, ferry, or road trip. It’s important to choose an arrival airport or station that is well located and that won’t take too much effort to get to your final destination.

Create Your Dream Itinerary 

After choosing the other specifics of your trip, you can’t leave your itinerary to chance! You must take the best possible advantage of your destination so you can have the holiday of your dreams. This means creating your luxury itinerary before getting to your destination so that you know from the get-go what your plan is for each day. Decide on your must-see adventures, activities, and restaurants so that you don’t miss out on anything you want to do. Don’t forget to put aside a day or two for relaxing so that you can return home from your luxurious trip feeling truly blissful and well-rested! 

Choosing your destination, travel season, whether you want to book a timeshare, and your means of transportation to and from your destination is no easy feat. That’s not to mention all the other details you need to plan in advance. However, whether you decide to embark on the cruise of your dreams or spend time in a luxury private villa, the process can hopefully be less overwhelming with the above tips in mind. 


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