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Tips For Staying in A Dog-Friendly Hotel

Photo by Andrew Pons

A recent survey done by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) found that 37% of Americans go on vacation with their dog – a rise of 20% from ten years ago. Traveling with your dog doesn’t mean you can only camp or stay via motorhome though – you now have the option of all types of accommodation including luxury hotels that will cater to your dog’s every need. 

A safe space

When you are traveling with your dog or staying in an unfamiliar place, it is important that they still have a safe and familiar space like an enclosed crate where they spend time. If your dog is not familiar with a crate, it is a good idea to introduce them to one a few weeks before your vacation. You can do this by leaving one at home with comfortable bedding and a toy in. If you are flying on a plane with your dog, familiarizing your dog with a crate is also particularly important, as many airlines require pets to be kept in a crate during the journey. When you are staying in a dog-friendly hotel, make sure that you take your dog’s bed too, as most hotels ask that you don’t let your dog onto the human bed. 

 Around the hotel

 If you are staying in a hotel where there will be other dogs, make sure that you always keep your dog on a leash in public areas. If your dog is nervous or anxious around other dogs, it is a good idea to make sure that they have a yellow leash and harness that indicates this to other owners. When you are in the dining or lounge areas of a hotel, make sure that your dog is calm – it often helps to take them for a walk before you go for breakfast or dinner. 

 Your hotel room

 Before you take your dog into your hotel room for the first time, have a quick check for anything chewable, and for any harmful substances like toiletries, and put these out of the way. This is particularly important if you have a puppy that is prone to chewing things. If you’ve been out for the day, make sure that your dog is clean before bringing them back to your hotel room – a good dog-friendly hotel should be able to help if your dog is muddy. Although dogs are permitted, you should still mind your mess, and make sure that you take your dog out regularly for toilet breaks. 

Going on vacation with your dog can be a great adventure for both of you. Staying in a dog-friendly hotel means you can both enjoy a little bit of luxury on your trip.