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Top Extreme Places to Raise Your Adrenaline Level

When we talk about raising your adrenaline levels, we mean engaging in fun activities that go to the extreme. Many establishments offer clients activities that take them to the next level of fear and fun mixed, to for sure raise the body’s adrenaline levels. When it comes to adventure travel and tourism, some places stand out from the rest. There are places where you can visit and experience extreme adventures.

Places to visit for extreme adrenaline-raising activities

1.     Sonesta Maho Beach, St. Martin

Sonesta Maho Beach, St. Martin
Photo: Aldo Bidini

For fun that raises your adrenaline levels, Sonesta Maho Beach is one such place. This is a beach that is located in Saint Martin, along the sandy Caribbean Sea. There are extreme activities that people experience when they come to this beach.  For people who want to experience the extreme fun at this beach, they can do so by visiting the Princess Juliana International Airport and enjoy watching the planes land at the airport. But what is so adrenaline rising in this activity? Well, the idea is they will watch the planes as they approach landing at the airport. It is so close that the planes will blast your ears as they land and take off. If you are a plane spotter, this is the place to go and raise your adrenaline with the low flying airlines as you can see them on their flight path.

2.     Climb the Ojos del Salado Volcano, Chile

Photo: Sergejf

This is another adrenaline-raising activity that you can engage in if you are a fan of climbing hills or extreme mountains. In Chile, this is one of the adrenaline-raising activities that people who want extreme experiences engage in. This is the highest active volcano in the world at 6, 891M.  at the city of Copiapo, you will see the volcano mountain rising and inviting you for a climb. You will love the majestic look of the mountain and if you are physically fit, you can accept the adrenaline-raising challenge! Beginning the ascent is not difficult. However, one requires great skill and physical shape for them to make it to the top. As the temperature drops below zero, the difficulty increases as one ascends the mountain. There is the freezing wind that will blow in your face and the dangers of suffering mountain sickness are high. However, as the adrenaline increases and you approach the top during the morning, you will love the feeling of having conquered the highest active volcano in the world.

3.     Ride With an Experienced Driver in a Drift Racing Car

Photo: Capri23auto

This is another adrenaline rising activity that you can engage in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. You can take off in a modified car such as the BMW M3. Since you are going to settle next to an experienced professional driver, you have nothing to worry about. You can expect the thrilling ride of your life. Here, you can expect to experience high-speed rides and 2 intense laps that will for sure raise your adrenaline. You should be ready to experience things like sideways action and smoke, burning rubber, and the use of a helmet that has an intercom and head sock.


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