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Top Five Things To Do At Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Each year, millions of people head to Cape Canaveral, Florida to visit an iconic American landmark where history has been made and innovation continues today. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex brings to life the epic story of the U.S. space program, offering a full day or more of fun. It allows visitors to get as close as possible to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, with exclusive tours and an in-depth look at the space program’s past, present and future.

With so much to do, see and explore, visitors should plan ahead. Following are insider tips on five must-see and -do experiences while visiting:

  1. Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®: The newest addition to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Heroes & Legends is designed to be a guest’s first stop. The experience uses the early years of the space program to explore the concept of heroism and the qualities of the individuals who inspired their generation. Cutting-edge technology, mesmerizing special effects, priceless artifacts and thought-provoking exhibits amaze and inspire.
  2. Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour: The KSC Bus Tour takes visitors behind the gates, providing exclusive access to the restricted areas of America’s spaceport. The tour concludes at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Uber space enthusiasts can purchase a Special Interest Tour, which includes additional stops.
  3. Space Shuttle Atlantis®: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the permanent home of space shuttle Atlantis. A dramatic presentation teaches guests about the shuttle’s 33 historic missions, including those that secured the future of the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. The Shuttle Launch Experience® ride and training simulators teach shuttle docking and landing.
  4. NASA Now: This exhibit provides unprecedented access to the present and future of space travel. Offering an up-close look at the most recent vehicles to have traveled to space, vehicles destined for future visits and those designed to further exploration and development, NASA Now continues to grow. A recent addition is the Boeing full-scale engineering model of its CST-100 Starliner crew vehicle.
  5. Lunch With An Astronaut: Lunch With An Astronaut is a not-to-be-missed add-on. During a catered lunch, a veteran NASA astronaut will share personal stories about what it’s really like to launch, live and work in space. Visitors can ask questions about anything, from how to sleep in space to what experiments were performed. Guests can also take a photo with the astronaut.

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For further information, tickets and directions, go to the website at www.kennedyspacecenter.com.


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