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Turks & Caicos Resorts Highlight Unique Ways to Enjoy the Island

Grace Bay Beach in Turks & Caicos

Located along Grace Bay Beach, Ocean Club Resorts introduces a guide on how guests of all ages can have the ideal getaway. From water adventures, exploring the island’s landscape, traveling through tastebuds, and more, the iconic resorts are able to assist guests in creating the ultimate itinerary as to what to see and do for every kind of traveler.

The Many Tastes of Turks

Turks & Caicos is synonymous with allowing guests to explore the island through some of the freshest seafood, such as conch, lobster, and additional dishes sustainably sourced from the surrounding waters. Between the two resorts, guests can indulge in a seafood poke bowl at Solana for lunch, grab some flavorful conch salad at Cabana Bar & Grill as a late afternoon snack, before savoring South Caicos spiny lobster for dinner at Opus-Wine-Bar-Grill. For those looking to explore classic island bites outside of the resorts, the team is able to make plenty of suggestions on where the locals prefer to eat.

Sun, Sand, and Everything Under the Sea

Home to the world’s third-largest coral reef system paired with the clearest blue waters, there is a range of opportunities to explore the teeming underwater life. Ocean Club Resorts provides visitors with complimentary kayaks, SUP boards, and signature pink beach umbrellas with loungers to take in all there is to see above and below the surrounding coast. The resorts are also able to assist guests with setting up snorkeling, diving, a guided kayak excursion through the island’s mangroves, and more with local tour partners.

Exploring Island Paradise 

With many travelers looking for ways to immerse themselves in outdoor experiences, Ocean Club Resorts provides the ideal setting and offerings for such. Travelers can choose to enjoy an afternoon ride around the island on one of the resorts’ bikes available to guests, practice their swing on the onsite tennis courts (equipment provided), or simply relax by one of the three pools or along the beach. Guests can also choose to indulge in a spa experience or two while staying at the resorts. Golf aficionados can have their fill as well with the nearby course, arrangements can be made with the front desk to enjoy an afternoon of putting.

In addition to the resorts’ range of activities for guests to enjoy, Ocean Club Resorts has strived to create a safe getaway for travelers to escape to and truly unwind from the past fifteen months.

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