Hang Out with Animals

Donkeys, Flamingos, and Parrots, oh my! In addition to sanctuaries and habitats devoted to these birds/animals (and turtles too), there’s also plenty of open air space to soak in the natural flora and fauna of Bonaire, from its cactus-covered desert scape and marine parks to its mangrove tunnels and salt pans.

Get your 1,000 Steps In

Start the year off right. Bonaire is home to 1,000 Steps Beach…ok, this limestone staircase doesn’t really have 1K steps but it got its name because it certainly feels like it on the way back up. Add an end-to-end stroll through the colorful capital of Kralendijk and a trek up to Brandaris peak for sweeping island views to round out that movement goal.

Opt Outside

Kite-surfing, sailing, biking, scuba diving, kayaking, caving, bird-watching, snorkeling, golfing, hiking… the list goes on. Whether visitors prefer their eco-adventure underwater or above, there are countless opportunities year round to get the heart thumping and those long lost endorphins pumping. 

Less Crowds, More Flamingos

With no more than 20,000 people and as the lesser known island of the ABCs, Bonaire is wide open for business. Travelers are finding they have this piece of paradise all to themselves to safely enjoy everything from al fresco dining, luxury accommodations and private tours to peaceful beaches, nearby uninhabited islands and calm waters perfect for learning how to dive. 

Shining Example of Sustainability

The world’s first certified Blue Destination, Bonaire’s leadership and commitment in environmental protection since the early ’60s ensures that the island’s wildlife and habitats remain for generations. People and nature live in harmony here due to the island creating ways to protect its ecosystem, culture, economy, and more through various reserves, national parks, restoration projects, habitats and foundations. In turn, these conservation efforts provide priceless experiences for visitors, whether they want to volunteer, adopt a donkey, or contribute to coral restoration.

To learn more about Bonaire, please visit www.tourismbonaire.com 


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