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What’s New in Dominica

Dominica is known as the ‘Nature Island” for its unsurpassed natural beauty. Stunning landscapes, unique marine life and hiking trails with rewarding views are just the beginning of what this destination has to offer. Dominica is excited about what’s coming up on the island this summer.

Here are a few new initiatives and events to look out for:

New Initiatives:

The Bring-A-Friend campaign invites all Dominicans living abroad to bring, invite or send their friends, family and coworkers to visit their homeland. The person who brings the most people to Dominica will win an all-expenses paid vacation to the island for two, including round trip airfare, airport transfers, accommodation and amazing dining, transportation and adventure experiences.  The contest is open from now until October 31, 2019 and you can find more information here: https://www.dominicafestivals.com/

New Accommodations:

The award-winning Jungle Bay Resort, overlooking the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Sanctuary is opening at the beginning of June. The resort has won numerous awards for responsible and eco-friendly tourism. It continues to focus on minimizing impact on the environment in many ways including utilizing local materials and purchasing food from nearby farmers, facilitating community members to participate in beach clean-ups, and providing guests with re-usable water bottles. More information can be found here: https://junglebaydominica.com/

Upcoming Events:

Organized by the Dominica Watersports Association, the annual Dive Fest 2019, running from July 5 to 14, focuses on educating the public about the sport of scuba diving and raising awareness about Dominica’s unique marine environment. The festival features whale watching deals, special dive packages, underwater treasure hunts, snorkelling picnics, traditional canoe racing and marine educational tours. Discover the underwater adventures of the island and learn about marine environment and conservation. More information can be found here: https://www.dominicawatersports.com/divefest.html

Kalinago Week is a celebration of Dominica’s Kalinago people that dates back to 1930. A tribute to the past and a celebration of the pride and dignity of the Kalinago community, many activities are organized on the Kalinago territory to strengthen the link between all Kalinagos. If you want to immerse yourself in an authentic Dominican cultural celebration, visit the island from September 15 to 21 and learn about the fascinating history of the people. More information can be found here: https://discoverdominica.com/en/events/11/kalinago-week

Did you know? Dominica is home to 365 rivers (one for every day of the year) and too many waterfalls to get an accurate count, including the world famous dual waterfalls at Trafalgar. Find more information about this spectacular island at: https://discoverdominica.com/en


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