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Why Traveling By Boat With Kids Is Much Better Than Staying In A Hotel

family on a sailboat

What better way to get off the beaten path than to travel by boat? You have far more freedom to go where you like and get away from the tourist crowds. Whether you rent a boat or decide to take the plunge and buy one, traveling by boat should be on your next vacation wish list.

With kids, it becomes even more apparent how many advantages there are with boat travel. It’s almost like taking a road trip, but instead of sitting in a stuffy camper or RV, you are on the open seas and immersed in a natural setting.

In this article, we will go over the many benefits to choosing to take a boat trip instead of staying in a hotel.

Environmentally friendly

Taking a sailboat is far more sustainable than driving a camper, RV or even a car to get to the hotel. And a hotel will usually need air conditioning and in general use a lot of electricity.

With just a few 100w solar panels, all of your energy needs are met. There is no need for fuel as the wind will take you where you need to go. The only time that fuel is burned is when entering port because it is too dangerous to sail. Air conditioning is not needed as being on the open water is much cooler than on land and very breezy.

It’s like being off grid but in a much more enjoyable way. You’ll be using the power that nature gives us in a renewable way and without any negative impact.

Kids learn new skills

What better way for a child to learn to be self sufficient and capable than to learn to sail? On the boat, they will have hands-on experience with a crew that knows exactly what they are doing.

These are life skills that transfer into many aspects of their life after ward. Problem solving, risk assessment and the ability to absorb new information quickly are all the kinds of skills that will propel them to a solid future.

They may take up other passions as well. They could become interested in marine biology, or even just scuba diving. They will take these passions with them for the rest of their lives.

It costs the same or less than a hotel

While it seems like something that only the rich and famous can enjoy, a vacation on a boat is not more expensive than staying in a good hotel. When you consider that taking a family to a moderately priced hotel near where the action is will cost several hundred dollars per night, it seems cheap by comparison to take a boat.

And you get everything included on the boat. Your food and travel are both part of the price.

No crowds

Hotels can be full of people and be quite noisy and crowded. On a boat it is just the crew and your family. When you need to keep socially distant and still want to travel then this is an ideal way to do so.