Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, Saint Lucia, is delighted to showcase a series of new diving excursions in partnership with The Perry Institute for Marine Science and Eastern Caribbean Diving. The Perry Institute for Marine Science supports a wide range of research and education activities that help to protect the oceans. Each of the diving packages created in collaboration with the Perry Institute will not only have marine education at their heart, but a 10% donation from all courses booked will go directly to the Perry Institute, to support their programs on St. Lucia. Eastern Caribbean Diving will be carrying out these new packages from their dive center located at the resort.

Two packages have been created, The Environmental Package and The Family Diving Package.

The Family Diving Package

The Family Dive package has been created for the whole family to enjoy. It will include three days of diving, 6 dives in total. This flexible package is about fun, education and adventure and will include a series of optional dives, allowing each family to choose their favorites, from reef dives, drift dives and wreck dives.

With more specific focuses also available including coral exploration, fish exploration and invertebrate exploration, this will be a wonderful activity which can be tailored to each family and their passions. The Perry Institute and Windjammer Landing have worked together to create information and educational briefings, which will take place before each dive to showcase all the incredible marine life, research and what to look out for on the dive. The support from the Perry Institute and their educational research has been invaluable to making these family sessions truly unique.

The Environmental Package

This package has been created for divers with an interest in marine conservation and learning to actively become involved in coral restoration diving. It will offer three days of diving with six dives in total alongside the PADI Reef Rescue Diver Certification. This package is designed around coral reef restoration and rejuvenation efforts, learning more about the corals, their importance, and the threats they face. Activities will include dive visits to existing coral mitigation sites, hands on experience of maintaining a coral nursery and out-planting nursery reared corals.

For each package created the Perry Institute have worked with Windjammer Landing to create a series of educational resources which will be available during the course. The research and expertise of the Perry Institute has also been invaluable in the creation of each course to ensure the educational elements are as engaging and interactive as possible. In addition to each package, a Lionfish Experience is also available, which includes the diving, hunting, cleaning, and cooking of lionfish, an invasive species.

The inspiration for the excursions comes from Windjammer Landing’s foundations as a family friendly diving resort. Guests of Windjammer Landing can enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind experience with their St. Lucian diving team located on the resort from Eastern Caribbean Diving on- site.

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