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World of Wanderlust Cocktail Menu from The Churchill Bar & Terrace

Be inspired and travel to new countries with each sip curated by the talented bar team

The Churchill Bar & Terrace, the award-winning bar set on exclusive Portman Square, Marylebone, has unveiled a new World of Wanderlust concept menu inspired by the bar team’s own unforgettable travel experiences. After a year of being predominantly grounded in the UK, and the bar permitted to open for limited periods of time only, the new menu is both a celebration of London reopening and an inspiration for travellers with itchy feet. From gliding over the Himalayas and drifting through remote waterways, to observing one of the natural wonders of the world, the new menu promises to transport guests across the globe, encouraging their own travel memories to resurface and inspire new destinations to add to their travel bucket list.

The interactive, digital menu offers an immersive experience as guests can travel around the globe with the swipe of a finger. Guests can guide Pilot Churchill and his plane across the screen, flying over continents, before landing in their dream destination and discovering more about their chosen cocktail, including its ingredients and what inspired its flavours.

Air Safari: Hot Air Balloon in the Maasai Mara

This long, gin-based cocktail was dreamt up following a sunrise expedition, drifting above the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Maasai Mara. The use of almond milk and a single tonka bean creates an earthy, nutty flavour whilst fresh, charred corn and zesty lemon peel is enough to transport drinkers to the back-to-nature experience of a safari. Furthermore, for every bottle of Elephant Gin used, 15% of profits are donated to charities dedicated to the conservation of the African elephant.

High Altitude: Gliding in the Himalayas

Presented in a cloud of smoke, and possibly the most visually exciting addition to the menu, this tequila-based cocktail evokes the feeling of soaring through the sky, dipping in and out of clouds. The mellowness of the tequila contrasts against a striking smoked paprika rimmed glass, tapping into all the senses to recreate the unforgettable experience of gliding over the Himalayas.

Lago di Como: Camping on Lake Como

Despite its inspiration coming from nostalgic childhood memories, this is a show stopping and sophisticated cocktail inspired by summers spent camping alongside one of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Italy. A fun twist on the classic Negroni, this cocktail is served on a bed of grass to represent Lake Como’s verdant landscape, which contrasts beautifully with a glistening blue ice cube in a tumbler to represent the crystal blue waters of the lake. A cedar tree essence floats over the drink to evoke those warm summers in Lake Como.

The World of Wanderlust menu, available from 17th May, is perfect for a weekend catching up with friends or a romantic post-dinner nightcap. The expert bar team will deliver memorable craft cocktails, inspired by road trips across America, beach sunsets on the Greek islands and lakeside camping in Italy, allowing guests to venture vicariously through each sip. The Churchill Bar & Terrace is a hidden gem in central London, providing a tranquil and peaceful watering hole just steps from Oxford Street, tucked away to give guests privacy and respite from the bustling shopping streets. The popular terrace blends a modern and classic aesthetic, with fun nods to the bar’s namesake, Sir Winston Churchill, and bright foliage adorning each edge of the terrace. Inside, heirlooms and memorabilia donated by the Churchill family can be discovered, and the rich tones and pops of colour create a sophisticated and cosy environment.

For booking, please visit https://www.thechurchillbar.co.uk/.


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