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4 Fun Ways to Stay Entertained on a Long Journey

When going off on vacation, you’re probably going to be faced with a mix of emotions – excitement, anxiety, apprehension, and happiness to name just a few. However, if you’re going on a long-haul trip, you may be wondering how you’re going to deal with the overwhelming sense of boredom as you make your way from A to B. Staying entertained for hours at a time may seem like an impossible task, but with a little thought and imagination, you can easily stay amused for the duration of your trip.

If you’re worried about how you’re going to cope on your upcoming journey, here are four fun ways you can stay entertained:

·        Reading

What better way to escape from your surroundings and indulge in a bit of light reading? There are many reasons to indulge in a good book during some downtime. Reader’s Digest claims it can encourage life goals, reduce stress and can even improve empathy.

Thanks to the art of technology, you no longer have to lug piles of heavy books around with you on your travels; you can simply access electronic versions through a device. You want to make sure that you choose books that are going to hold your attention for a lengthy amount of time. It may also be best to avoid titles that may leave you feeling depressed or down. After all, going on vacation is one of the brief windows in the year when you can forget about the negatives and simply relax. So maybe choose a nice spiritual book that will make you feel better about yourself and appreciate life as it is. Here’s a great roundup on the best spiritual books this year. 

·        Bet on your favorite sports

If you’re a huge sports fan, there’s no better way to keep in the loop with your favorite sports than to watch a live game and place a bet on the team you support. Don’t worry about having to bring your heavy laptop with you on your vacation, as you can still gain the same access to betting sites such as Unibet from your tablet or smartphone. You’re bound to feel a thrill when you win your bet, but according to the BBC, you don’t always have to scoop the prize money to take pleasure out of betting.

·        Plan your vacation

If you didn’t get the chance to plan your itinerary for your big trip before you set off, doing so while you’re en route is a fantastic way to spend your time. Make notes of some of the local attractions and activities in the area and any other tips and tricks that may come in useful. You could also save any useful links on your phone, should you need to refer to them once you arrive.

·        Grab a colouring book

Adult colouring books have become one of the biggest global trends in recent years and are sure to make a fun pastime while on your travels. It would also be a beneficial activity for those who are nervous about travelling on a plane and are on the lookout for a method of distraction. According to Psychology Today, coloring books have the ability to reduce state and trait anxiety in less than 30 minutes. Before you head off on your vacation, stock up on colouring books, purchase some coloured pens and pencils and play some music through your headphones so you can really get in the zone and focus on your personal creativity.



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