Most people who imagine a Mediterranean yachting trip go straight to Italy or Greece. However, Croatia is the new ‘it’ destination for sailing. This country is one of the unexplored gems of the Mediterranean and it’s best experienced by boat. So no matter if you’ve already been planning your Croatian adventure or if this destination is completely new to you, here are the reasons why Croatia needs to be on your yachting itinerary this year.

Experience the Adriatic Sea at its best

One of the first reasons why you should go yachting in Croatia is the Croatian Adriatic Sea. This sea has some of the cleanest and bluest waters in the world, so it’s perfect for enchanting seafaring adventures. While you’re getting intimate with the sea, you can go diving, snorkeling or just splashing around and relaxing in the buoyant water for hours. If you have a boat, you’ll also have your personal cliff-diving site! Croats go to the seaside every year, especially families with kids, and once you get the feel of the waves, water, sun and sand, you’ll feel like a child yourself—the Adriatic Sea is incredibly rejuvenating.

You’ll have countless islands at your disposal

For such a small country, Croatia has unbelievable 5,800 kilometers of coastline, 4,000 kilometers of which belongs to islands. Out of all the Mediterranean, the Croatian coast is the most indented. If you opt for boating in Croatia, you’ll have over 1,000 islands at your disposal, and since most of them are unpopulated, you’ll practically have entire islands for yourself. Island-hopping is the most fun thing to do in Croatia since all the islands are unique and diverse, hiding picturesque villages, rich history, hidden bays and beaches accessible only by sea, fair winds for sailing and that Mediterranean charm that can’t be missed. Populated islands, on the other hand, have various beachside bars and clubs where you can enjoy unforgettable wild nights before you return to your exclusive yacht.

You’ll get to enjoy the most authentic food

One of the best things about Croatia is its delicious Mediterranean food, so make sure to try as many dishes as you can. Luckily, if you opt for a luxury yacht charter in Croatia, you’ll not only end up with a gorgeous boat but also select all the culinary delicacies you want to try on your journey. Your trained professional chef from the crew will provide you with all the specialty dishes paired with the best Croatian wine. Make sure to enjoy the freshest black risotto, an essential meal on any yacht charter in Croatia. Also, don’t miss out on the chance to try ‘brudet’—a seafood stew made with different kinds of fish and shells. Since you’ll be spending time on the water, expect to have access to all the freshest seafood.

You’ll get to interact with locals

Yachts, no matter if big or small, need to have a crew. All boats have a captain to navigate your Mediterranean itinerary, deckhands and chefs, some even come with hostesses, waiters and bartenders! Depending on the size of the yacht you charter in Croatia, you will get to interact with various Croatians from your crew every day. On top of that, all your island stops will give you a chance to interact with locals, create meaningful cultural encounters, build friendships and collect cherished memories you can’t even come close to on city trips and hotel-hopping.

You’ll get to dive straight in

Yachting is a hobby perfect for passionate divers and snorkelers, and in Croatia, you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy crystal-clear waters and hang out with an abundance of underwater life. While you can dive in from your yacht anywhere you want, sites like Blue Grotto near Vis and underwater Cathedral in Premuda will truly leave you breathless. Wreck divers will love to explore the Baron Gautsch wreck located off of the Istrian Peninsula at Rovinj. Caves and drops like Margarina and Vodnjak are also numerous, most of them populated by fish and sea sponges.

If you want to experience something new, unique and truly impressive, charter a yacht in Croatia and start exploring its rich coastline and picturesque islands and islets. Expect to come back next year as well, because no one can stay away from the Croatian sea for too long!


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