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6 Reasons why you need to experience Martinique and their Rum

Canadians have their poutine, the British have their tea and the rugged Caribbean Island of Martinique has its rum. With more rum distilleries in one place than anywhere else on earth, it’s practically an institution. Offering a completely different taste the rhum in Martinque is distilled from freshly pressed sugarcane instead of molasses. (Cheers to that!)

The Moorings, the world’s premier yacht charter company specializing in tailor made luxury vacations, invites you to tour and taste the world-famous rum factories with their new Martinique Rum Experience,  available as an add-on option on the all-inclusive St. Lucia crewed yacht vacation. And, if cruising through the turquoise sea overlooking white sand beaches and sipping on the finest Rhum isn’t reason enough, here are a few more that will make this fabulous French island a must visit.

6AOC (Appellation d’origine controlee)

AOC (Appellation d’origine controlee)
The only geographic area in the rum industry to have its own AOC (a controlled term of origin for French agricultural products) is Martinique. Just like with French wine and cheese this means that the rum is held to a certain standard that other rum isn’t.

5Rum is an activity in Martinique

With plenty of rum distilleries and plantations it gives guests an opportunity to explore the creole culture. Rum-making season runs from February to June giving you the opportunity to visit the distilleries and see them in action.

4Distinct taste

Photo credit: http://martinicaonline.com/rum-martinique
Their rum uses freshly-pressed sugarcane, which must be grown near the distillery. Many other distilleries don’t have the luxury of having nearby sugarcane fields and need to import molasses to start the rum making process. This is why rum in Martinique tastes noticeably different from other rums.

3Experience the ‘Ti Punch

The ‘Ti Punch is a local cocktail that is part of the daily life in Martinique. This simple cocktail only has three ingredients: Rhum Agricole (cane-based rum), Sirop de Canne (raw sugar), and lime. The rum and other ingredients are served separately so you can customize the cocktail to your liking.

2Options, Options, Options!

With ten distilleries spread across Martinique’s 425 square miles they provide plenty of options for travellers to visit. Each distillery offers a different experience with their own unique histories, recipes, and rum production methods.

1Rhum not Rum

Rhum not to be confused with industrial rum, must be made of irreproachable quality. The names are different based on the production methods, ageing techniques, and cane growing methods.


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