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Arrival Gate Pop-Ups Treat Travellers with Warm Welcomes Around the World

Once again this year Air Canada is making traveller’s homecomings memorable around the world. Reunions were a little sweeter, hugs were a little tighter and smiles were a little wider at arrival gates this holiday season thanks to surprise pop-up boutiques from Air Canada in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Washington and Tokyo airports. Air Canada pilots and flight attendants offered gifts, including giant teddy bears, balloons and flowers to arriving customers on select flights. Some lucky travellers were also surprised with free tickets to help shorten the time between visits with their family and friends.

“Coming home for the holidays is an emotional and personal experience for many of us, full of the excitement and anticipation that come from reunions with loved ones,” says Andy Shibata, Managing Director, Brand at Air Canada. “No matter if home is here in Canada or abroad, it’s our honour to fly our Customers home for the holidays and reunite them with friends and family.”

Visit Air Canada’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to see some of the heartfelt homecomings caught on video. You can watch the video here.

This is the latest of a larger campaign Air Canada launched last year to celebrate the feeling of “Home”. Roundtrip tickets were given away to those who visited the arrival gate boutiques, and on Air Canada’s social media channels where members of the community were asked to share a story of someone they want to bring home for the holidays.

“Our hope is to spread the feeling of ‘Home’, where ever their home may be, to as many travellers as we can,” added Shibata.


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