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Best New Travel Technology from CES 2017

Written by Susan Ripley & Stefanie Nissen

Trvl Porter attended CES, the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this last weekend in Las Vegas and were so inspired by some of the new innovations that we wanted to share a list of the best new travel technology for 2017. Some products will make your packing much easier and lighter and some will completely change the way you interact with technology (hint, see the last item on our list)!

We love the revolutionary ideas behind much of the technology in 2017. We also really appreciate the attention to sleek and attractive design. When technology meets style, it’s a winning combination.

Read on to find our top picks of the most exciting travel technology in 2017.

11Ricoh Theta – 360 Experience Camera


The Ricoh Theta makes a spherical 360 image that is captured in one shot. The camera shoots your entire surroundings in just one snap. It’s great for travel, allowing you to record what an entire landscape looked like. The Ricoh team is also developing an app that will allow you to edit the photos and share them on social media.

The Theta has 4 settings – auto, ISO priority, shutter priority, and manual. It also includes a self timer and interval shooting option.

10JBL Flip 4


The JBL bluetooth speaker is a powerful speaker in a small package, so it’s easy to bring on any trip or adventure. The speaker can last up to 12 hours and is waterproof so can be used in any environment. It can also be used for speakerphone calls and has noise and echo canceling properties.

9LG Rolly Keyboard


LG’s new portable keyboard has a unique design that allows you to roll it up into an easy to pack “stick.” It’s only 10.35” by 1.02” by 1.02” so practical for your purse or your suitcase. There is a dock for your smartphone or tablet, so you can be more productive on the go.

It connects by bluetooth on IOS, Android, and Windows devices.

8PowerUP Paper Plane VR Drone

This drone in the shape of a paper plane lets you see your surroundings from above, as if you were in the cockpit of a plane. The drone has a live action camera that can be seen through the included VR viewer. You can even control the plane’s movements intuitively through a tilt or movement of your head.

The Paper Plane has video and audio recording abilities so you can remember and share your drone experiences. It also features a wide angle rotating camera to see the view from all angles, and a stabilizer for windy conditions. This is a fun product to bring on any vacation to use as an activity, as well as, capturing the beauty that surrounds you.

7Here One Wireless Headphones


Tech companies have been trying to get wireless headphones right for awhile. The new Here One earbuds do a great job fixing a lot of of the previous problems with wireless headphones and delivering high quality sound. They’re truly wireless – just two small earbuds that come with a carrying case. They connect via an app, and allow you to listen to music, take calls, or access Siri.

One of the most interesting features is the noise canceling personalization. You can actually adjust the amount and type of noise cancelled so you can still use them on the street safely. There is also an option to amplify speech so you can better hear your call in a crowded restaurant.

6Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie


If you hate your tangled headphones, you will love the new beanie bluetooth technology. The Tenergy beanie allows you to listen to music or make phone calls all from the comfort of your headwear.

The beanie features a small built-in microphone and speakers that are discreet, as well as functional. And don’t worry, the beanie is washable, just remove the battery/speaker before washing.

5Pearl Compact Mirror Plus Portable Charger


We love this ingenious product! Save purse space by carrying a compact mirror that doubles as a portable charger for your smartphone, tablet, or anything else that can charge by USB connection.

The mirrors come in 4 stylish colors, and feature two mirrors inside (regular and magnified). They even include an LED light so you can reapply your lipstick in low lighting. The battery is rechargeable.

4Wiz Packs – Wearable Stereo and Charging Station


The Wiz Pack is a luxury backpack that also doubles as a portable stereo, plus there is a major cool factor. This sleek backpack houses speakers that allow you to listen to high quality audio anywhere you go – including the beach, the mountains, or a friend’s house. You can connect your smartphone, computer, or tablet via bluetooth or by cable. It also acts as a charging station for your devices.

Catch Jamie Foxx, Mike Tyson and the entire team of Cleveland Cavaliers, to name a few, that are getting around in style.

3BeeLine – Urban Bike Navigation


BeeLine is a navigation device that mounts to your bike’s handlebars. It’s designed to guide your journey as you ride through city streets.

Here’s how it works – You enter your destination in BeeLine’s app on your phone and then the device will give you an arrow that acts as a compass, letting you know which direction your destination is in. This way you are still free to make turns as you like, but you’ll always know if you’re on the right track. The compass also displays the distance in real time.

The device is water resistant and made of tough silicone that will keep it in place as you ride. The app works with both IOS and Android devices.

2Vuzix – AR3000 Smart Glasses


The Vuzix Series of Smart Glasses are an exciting new technology that brings the internet right to your eyes for a hands-free experience. The glasses connect wirelessly through Wifi and Bluetooth. You can do almost anything you can on a device connected to the internet – like check email/texts, post to Facebook, get directions, listen to music, fitness information and more, all by voice commands. You can also take HD photos or record video.

The augmented reality glasses use see-through waveguide optics and allow the user to reach out and manipulate the virtual reality objects within the real world setting.

1Cicret Bracelet – Turns Your Arm Into a Touch Screen


Cicret is a new technology being developed that will allow you to make your forearm into a tablet touch screen! The bracelet will use bluetooth technology to connect to your device or will connect directly to wifi. It uses a pico projector to display the screen image onto the arm. It also has a micro usb connection and is waterproof.

The proximity sensors on the bracelet will be able to tell where the user’s finger is on the projected screen as the user interacts with it.

You’ll be able to do virtually any of the things you can do on a regular tablet – check your email, get directions, use social networks, etc.. Now that is innovation!


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